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Neil Archbold Memorial Travel Award and Medal

Awarded each year to two research students who produce the best peer-reviewed journal articles for sciences, and for humanities and social sciences.

Neil Archbold Memorial Travel Award and Medal

Who was Neil Archbold?

Professor Neil Archbold BA MSc PhD Melb, was an eminent scholar who was actively involved in all facets of research and research training at Deakin.

Professor Archbold was Professor and Personal Chair in Palaeontology at the School of Ecology and Environment, and the Coordinator of Earth Sciences at Deakin. He was the author of 160 scholarly publications, awarded Australian Research Council grants of over $1m and was a long-standing member of the Royal Society of Victoria, in addition to being their president from 2001 to 2004. Professor Archbold was the Chair of the Academic Board's Higher Degrees by Research subcommittee from 2003 until his death in November 2005.

The award and medal

Neil Archbold Memorial Travel Awards are awarded each year to the two Deakin research degree candidates who produce the best peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • One award will be made available to a candidate in the sciences (in recognition of Professor Archbold's home discipline). This category is not restricted to applicants from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.
  • The second award will be offered to a candidate in the humanities and social sciences.

The University reserves the right to withhold an award in one of the above categories if the applications received in a particular year are not of an appropriate standard. This includes the possibility of re-allocating an award from one category to the other.

Application timeline

This needs to be updated.

Value and benefits

  • The travel awards of $3000 each are to be used during candidature for research-related travel.
  • The awardees will also be presented with a medal at graduation or at some other significant event.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Awards are only available to those who are undertaking a research degree in 2019.
  2. Applicants must have completed at least 12 months (full-time equivalent) research degree candidature at Deakin by the closing date for applications.
  3. Applicant's candidature needs to be current and thesis not submitted at the time of award announcement. The award needs to be used for research related travel during candidature.
  4. Only peer-reviewed journal articles which have been published or received final approval for publication will be considered (peer-reviewed conference papers will not be considered).
  5. Research related travel must be directly related to the applicant's project and should enhance the final research outcome (i.e. the quality of the thesis, or assist in the dissemination of the findings) and/or the development of the research area (such as the production of further publications). Examples include fieldwork/data collection, conference presentations, archival work, visiting laboratories or other academic/research institutions.
  6. The journal article must be directly related to the applicant’s project and must have been completed since candidature commenced.
  7. A copy of the journal article must be submitted with the application.
  8. An applicant may submit only one journal article per round.
  9. The article must be based on original research (review papers are not acceptable) and the applicant must have been the main contributor.
  10. A copy of the journal article, as well as evidence that the article has been published or received final approval for publication, must be provided by the application closing date. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide this evidence.
  11. All supporting statements and endorsements must be obtained by the applicant prior to lodging the application.

Selection of awardees

The awardees will be shortlisted by their faculty and the winners will be selected by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Researcher Development and Integrity. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in September.

How to apply

Please complete the Neil Archbold application form (DOCX, 60KB) and email to the Research Scholarships Office.

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