Interest-free student loans

The University provides interest-free student loans for study related expenses, to those who are in financial need and are progressing satisfactorily with their studies.

Interest-free student loans

Purpose of student loans

To be eligible, the loan must be for your study-related, such as:

  • study/education related expenses, e.g. textbooks
  • course related equipment
  • study related technology
  • placements and experiential learning costs (i.e. reasonable petrol, train ticket, travel expenses and reasonable accommodation costs due to relocation).

The following will be considered on a case-by-case basis:

  • one off expenses, e.g. bond, rent
  • reasonable living costs associated with your studies
  • out-of-pocket non-elective medical expenses which relate to your studies.

Student loans are not available for non-study related expenses, such as holidays or interstate travel which is not a requirement for your study, costs incurred before your commencement of study at Deakin (i.e. pre-existing debt), expenses incurred by others (e.g. child's school expenses) or other personal expenses.

Information for current holders of a student loan

The following information is available for holders of a current student loan:

Student grants

A student grant is awarded on the basis of extreme financial hardship where repaying a loan would create further financial distress. Satisfactory academic performance is also taken into account. Student grants are normally awarded on the basis of referral from special student support areas. Following a referral, you may be asked to complete a Financial Assistance application form to support your circumstance. A limited number of grants are made available each year.

Need help?

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