Deakin Card

One card for all your daily needs at Deakin - Welcome to Deakin Card.

It's not only your ID, library and access card but by loading money to your card, you can print and pay for all your on campus purchases.

Deakin Student Card

Delivery of Deakin Card impacted by COVID-19

As we have had to pause our campus based services, we are not currently able to produce your Deakin Card. Submissions can still be made and we will print these when we are able to return to campus. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe for this at the moment. After submitting your request, if you have any concerns please contact Student Central.

Need your first Deakin Card?

Information about how to get your first Deakin Card (student ID card).

Your Deakin Card

Find useful information about using your Deakin Card (for staff, students and visitors). Topics include:

  • Need a replacement Deakin Card?
  • Need to report your Deakin Card lost or stolen?
  • Scholarships or awards on your card
  • Place to use your Deakin Card
  • Terms and conditions

Services for Faculties and Divisions

We offer an exciting range of services to make life simpler for Faculties and Divisions. Topics include:

  • Event attendance recording
  • Awards and scholarships for students
  • Printing credits for students
  • Campus Charge Cards

Contact us

1800 450 503 (free call) 1800 450 503 (free call)

+61 3 522 72277 +61 3 522 72277

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