Your Deakin Card

Students - your first Deakin Card

Find out how to get your first Deakin Card and apply for your new card online.

Online students - your first Deakin Card

As an online student, you still require a Deakin Card if you attend a supervised exam, or to use the Library services online.

To get your Deakin Card, you can:

Get a replacement Deakin Card

If you lose, misplace or have your Deakin Card stolen, you should immediately deactivate the card.

To obtain a replacement card you can visit Student Central on any campus and they will print you a new card while you wait.

If you are an online student, you can request that a replacement card be mailed to your home address.  Make sure that your address on StudentConnect is current, if not the change your personal details page will help on how to update your address. Allow 1-2 weeks to receive your Deakin Card through Australia Post, longer if being posted overseas.

Cards due to expire

If you are a student with a card expiring at the end of the current year, but will be continuing your studies in the following year, a new card will be sent to you in the mail by the end of January in the new year.

The Student Central Team are responsible for the printing of student cards and if you wish to contact them directly, please find their contact details on Student Central webpage.

Replacement Fee

A fee of $20 will be charged to obtain your replacement Deakin Card unless you have lost your card along with something of value and can show a Police report or Statutory Declaration.

Please contact Student Central for further information.


  • If you deactivated your card please contact Deakin Card to have your card reactivated.
  • When your new card has been issued you will need to wait between 1 to 24 hours before being able to print.

Please visit the Student Central website for their locations and opening times for each campus.

Student printing

You can print and photocopy documents for free on campus by swiping your Deakin Card at the printer.

Forgotten your card

You can still print if you forget to bring your Deakin Card to Uni. Simply enter your username and password directly into the printer.

Please note that when a new card is issued you will need to wait between 1 to 24 hours before being able to print.

Door access

Your Deakin Card can also be an access card, if you apply and are approved for access to buildings.

Studying on campus at night or on weekends is a great way to get the quiet time you need to complete your studies. Some buildings are locked outside of university hours, so you will need to request access.

If approved, the access will be automatically added to your Deakin Card and you will receive an email notification when it's ready to use.

For any questions or to apply for access please contact Campus Services.

Deakin College students

Your Deakin College ID card is recognised as a Deakin Card and has the same functionality.

No longer need your Deakin Card?

If you no longer require your student/staff Deakin Card, please drop it into one of the secure bins provided by DSA at Burwood (LB2.400 and HE2.111) or Geelong Waurn Ponds (JB3.330).

Unfortunately, Deakin Cards are unable to be recycled as they contain several types of plastic. Cards that are dropped into the designated bins will be destroyed to protect privacy.

For more information about the Deakin Card bins, please contact the Deakin Sustainability team at


Deakin Card staff are happy to discuss a Deakin Card balance refund with you by phone or email. Contact Deakin Card.

Terms and Conditions

Deakin Card is the official identification card of Deakin University. It may also be used as a stored-value card. At the cardholder's option, the card may be loaded with funds and used (instead of cash) to pay for various goods and services on campus. Deakin College student cards are recognised as Deakin Cards.

The cardholder will be bound by the following terms and conditions from the date the Deakin Card is first used for a financial transaction:

If you do not wish to receive the User guide by this method please notify the University by emailing submitting an online enquiry and you will receive a hard copy at your nominated address.


Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the safe keeping of their card and must not release the card details to anyone nor authorise any other person to use their card. Deakin University is not responsible for any unauthorised use of the Deakin Card.

In the event that the cardholder loses, misplaces or has their Deakin Card stolen, the cardholder should immediately deactivate the card online.

Deakin Card dispute resolution procedure

If a cardholder is dissatisfied with a product or service provided by the Deakin Card Office, the cardholder should inform the Deakin Card Office promptly. The cardholder can inform the Deakin Card Office:

  • by calling 1800 450 503 between 9am to 5pm on work days;
  • sending a letter to Deakin Card Office's postal address at 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, VIC 3125;
  • emailing the Deakin Card email address at

Each complaint is registered in the Deakin Card Office's system and is dealt with according to documented internal dispute resolution processes at no charge to the cardholder. The Deakin Card Office can arrange an interpreter to assist the cardholder to make a complaint if required.

If the Deakin Card Office are unable to resolve a card holder's complaint immediately, the Deakin Card Office will write to the cardholder within 10 business days either:

  • addressing the issue(s) raised; or
  • advising if more time is needed to address the issue(s) or to complete the investigation.

In all but exceptional cases the Deakin Card Office will take less than 45 days from receiving a card holder's complaint to address the issue(s) raised or to complete the investigation. If the Deakin Card Office is unable to do so within the 45 days, the Deakin Card Office will:

  • inform the cardholder of the reasons for the delay;
  • provide the cardholder with monthly updates on progress with the investigation;
  • specify a date when a decision can reasonably be expected.

Where a cardholder is not satisfied with the Deakin Card Office's response or handling of the complaint, the cardholder can contact the Deakin Card Team who will attempt to resolve the complaint within five business days.

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