Course maps

Course maps are a visual tool that can help you understand the structure and rules of a course.

Your course map may include the units required to complete your course, the suggested sequence of unit level and study period and a link to the University Handbook* and the course rules.

Download your course map

Search for a course map by course code or course name. For example, 'A300' or 'Bachelor of Arts'. You can refine your search by adding the year of the course map.

You should choose the course map that matches the year and trimester or semester in which you started your course.

For example, if you first enrolled in the A300 Bachelor of Arts in Trimester 1 of 2020, you should use the corresponding course map for that course/year/study period. Ensure the year you started matches the year on your course map.

Download the course map and fill in your details, the electives you would like to complete and any other details required in the course map. You can also Request a new or updated course map to be completed by a Student Adviser.

If you are unable to see your course map here, you can also find a direct link to your course map from your course entry in the University Handbook.

Results for Course Map search
Course code Course name Year Semester/ Trimester Download map

If you require a course map from before 2014, please contact a Student Adviser.

Sometimes course rules or structures can change. If you are unsure or need advice, please see a Student Adviser.

*The University’s annual Handbook is the official repository of the University’s curriculum (course and unit offerings).

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