Deakin College transfer information

Deakin welcomes you as you make your transfer from studying with Deakin College to Deakin University. This page is for students in their final study period with Deakin College to provide you with timelines and help for the current intake.

Transferring to Deakin University

If you are currently studying with Deakin College, you can check the transfer requirements for your chosen Deakin University degree. Visit the Deakin College site that sets out the current requirements based on your residency.

Deakin College holds ‘Transferring to Deakin University’ information sessions towards the end of each trimester for students completing their Deakin College Diploma. You are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions to find out more about the process.

Changing your Deakin University course preference

If you wish to change your course with Deakin, make sure you check that you meet those course requirements first, then;

  • International students please contact Deakin College to request a ‘Deakin College to Deakin University Amendment form’ which is only available to students in their final trimester with Deakin College. You can visit Deakin College in person or contact staff on 03 9244 5197 or email .
  • Domestic students please complete the Deakin University course preference online form.

Important dates to transfer to Deakin University - T1 2022

Activity Trimester 1 2022 Trimester 2 2022 Trimester 3 2022
Deakin College result release 14 February 2022 14 June 2022 11 October 2022
International students - Confirmation of Transfer Letter sent to your email week of 21 February 2022 week of 27 June 2022 week of 24 October 2022
Domestic students - offer email and RPL outcome and account activation information sent to successful students from Deakin University to your email week of 21 February 2022 week of 27 June 2022 week of 24 October 2022
International students - emails sent to successful students to activate your IT account and enrol by Monday 28 February by Monday 4 July 2022

by Monday 31 October

Plan your course and enrol after you've activated your IT account after you've activated your IT account after you've activated your IT account
Orientation week week of 28 February 2022 week of 4 July 2022 week of 31 October 2022
Week 1 - Trimester 1 2022Monday 7 March 2022 Monday 11 July 2022 Monday 7 November 2022

Steps in the process to enrol

Planning your course

If you have successfully passed your studies at Deakin College you can start to prepare for your University course by reading through the course rules and requirements in the University Handbook. However, you won’t be able to enrol until you have received your Confirmation of Transfer letter (international students) or offer (domestic students) via email.

Activate your IT account

Once your transfer has been approved, Deakin will email you directly with information on how to activate your IT account. During that process, you'll enter in your new course code (e.g. H300 for Bachelor of Health Sciences), Deakin student ID number and date of birth. If you have any issues activating your account, call our IT Service Desk.

Remember that as part of your IT account you'll be provided with a Deakin email address. Make sure you check this regularly as this is how we'll communicate important information with you.

Enrolling in your course and units

After activating your IT account, you'll be directed to DeakinSync where you'll be able to find out more about your course and what to expect when enrolling at Deakin. From here you'll be directed to our online enrolment system, StudentConnect.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

When you receive your offer, you'll have RPL approved in your new Deakin University course. You can 'View recognition of prior learning' on the left hand menu while you are in StudentConnect.

Student ID cards

Once you are enrolled for your upcoming Trimester you can order your new Deakin Student ID card. Your Deakin College ID card can't be used for your new course with Deakin University. All Deakin students must obtain an ID card and you can order one online or drop into a campus. Find out more about getting your ID card.

Orientation week

Orientation activities are typically held within the week prior to the start of Trimester, both online and in person. It's a great way to learn more about your course, find out about available support services, get to know your teachers and meet your new classmates.

Use our Orientation app to build your Orientation itinerary and find details of events and activities that are tailored to you based on your course and the campus you're enrolled at. Make sure you also check your Deakin emails for details on how to prepare for OWeek.

Need help?

While you are still studying with Deakin College, they will be your best contact for all enquiries.

Help with your enrolment advice, fees, timetabling and more

Once you have received all the information about your new offer and activated your IT account, you can discuss your course plan and enrolment with a Student Adviser from Student Central. They are available throughout your study to help you with any question, but it is important that you've accepted your offer before making an appointment.

Appointments are available, in person, by phone or online via Zoom. Visit the Student Central website to make an appointment.

If you are submitting an enquiry to Student Central through the online enquiry form, at the start of the study period, there may be a wait of 3 to 5 days before you receive a response. You'll be sent acknowledgement and a link to the enquiry to your Deakin email account. You can add any new information or questions to that enquiry, you don't need to submit a new one. We appreciate your patience and will respond as soon as we can.

IT Help

If you're having trouble creating your IT account, make sure first you have received an email that tells you to activate your account, (offer email for domestic students and the activate your IT account for international students).

First, try clearing your cache or a different browser. If you are still having problems, contact our IT Service Desk.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve completed my course at Deakin College, but I haven’t received my offer to study at Deakin University

You should receive your Confirmation of Transfer/Offer email from Deakin University in the week commencing 21 February 2022. If you haven't received your offer during this week, contact our friendly student support teams depending on your type of place;

I want to change the Trimester I'm commencing in

If you need to, you can postpone your offer with Deakin. This is called deferring – and it allows you to keep your place at university for up to two years for domestic students, or one year for international students. If you intend to defer, you should not accept your offer and enrol in your course.

I'm having trouble enrolling

There are lots of resources online to help you understand your enrolment. The process you work through in DeakinSync will help you before you enrol in the online enrolment system StudentConnect. But here are a few more resources;

What happens after I enrol?

Once you've enrolled in StudentConnect, it's time to set up your class timetable in STAR, join the orientation program and get to know more about your course and studying at Deakin.

Visit the website After you've enrolled and also check through the Get Started site.

How can I find out more about fees?

Once you have enrolled in your course, you can check your fees through by generating your invoice in StudentConnect.

Information about how to pay your fees is provide on your invoice, but you can also find out more by visiting our Fees website.

If you are an international student, you may be eligible for the COVID Bursary. You don't need to apply for this, you'll be automatically considered, but you can check the eligibility requirements and the process for receiving this bursary on the COVID Bursary webapge.

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