Allocation Adjustment mode

When STAR re-opens in Allocation Adjustment mode, you can view your timetable that was created during sorting. You can also adjust your allocations if other spaces are available.

Watch this short video for an introduction to Allocation Adjustment mode in STAR.

Viewing your allocations and class locations

Your seminar and class locations are available in the timetable view. Click on the activity for further information, including location.

Changing your allocations

You can change your allocation by clicking on the activity listed on the left hand side to display your allocation and the other available time slots. Click "SELECT" to select a different time slot. A confirmation message will appear confirming your change was successful. If you cannot view your allocation, please contact Student Central.

Remember, once you change to a new activity, your old allocation is then made available to another student!


STAR also has a 'swaps' feature during the allocation adjustment mode, where you can request to swap to an activity which is currently full. If a place becomes available, you'll receive an email to advise that your swap has been successful.

What happens if I have a clash?

If you find you have not been allocated to an activity due to it clashing with another one of your activities, and you are unable to select another time slot, contact Student Central.

Clashable activities

If you see a broken line around one of your activities in your timetable, this means the activity is clashable because it is also available online as a recording.

iCal feature

You can overlay your timetable into the calendar on your device with iCal feature. This is located at the bottom of the home page within the STAR system.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if STAR says there are "no groups available"?

If STAR displays "no groups available" on your unit, and you are a post-graduate student, please contact your faculty directly.

If you are an undergraduate student, please contact Student Central for further advice.

Will I be notified if there is a change to my timetable?

During Preference Entry mode, if there is a change to the time or day of one of your preferences, that preference will become invalid and the next available preference will be selected.

During Allocation Adjustment mode, if there is a change to your activity, you may need to allocate yourself to another available activity time.  An automatically generated email will be sent to all affected students if:

  • there is a change in activity start time
  • there is a change of day or
  • the activity has been cancelled.

Do I have time between classes to get to the next room?

Each class or seminar will start on the hour and finish 10 minutes to the hour. This should leave you with enough time to make your way to your next location.

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