Refund of debt in special circumstances application form

If you withdraw from your unit/s after the relevant census date due to special circumstances, as an international student or domestic full fee paying student, you can apply to have your tuition fees refunded.

Refund of debt in special circumstances is for the sole purpose of refunding/re-crediting of fees paid. Please ensure you provide all relevant information and supporting documentation when submitting your application. Incomplete applications cannot be assessed. Your complete application will be assessed within 30 working days of receipt by the University. An outcome will be sent to your Deakin email.

For any queries, please contact Student Central. If your circumstances are course related, please contact your faculty or Student Complaints.

If you studied more than 12 months ago, do not complete this online form. Applications for a waiver of the 12-month application time limit must be submitted via the online form.

Application form

Note: this form does not have the option to save and return at a later date.

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Your details
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Study period
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If you are applying for more than one study period, you will need to submit this form again for each additional study period.

If your study period is more than 12 months ago, applications must be submitted using the form Request to waive 12 month application time limit.

Course details

Unit details for which the refund is soughtDo not include zero (0) credit point units, for example HAI010 - Academic Integrity.
You can't submit this form if you have a grade of RI, RIA or RIE, please wait until your grades are finalised.
I confirm the following units have a finalised grade, WL, WN, N or XN. *
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Special circumstance

If your special circumstance is 'course related', please submit an enquiry to Student Central, do not complete the form.

If your circumstances are any of those listed below, the Remission of debt in special circumstances is not available to you. Please submit a Student Complaint.

  • You forgot to withdraw
  • You didn’t know you were enrolled
  • You were not aware of the census date
Details of your special circumstances
Date your circumstances first occurred/changed *
Do you need to add another date or circumstance?
Have you consulted your unit chair, lecturer or other faculty staff member about your difficulties?

Did you apply for Special Consideration for the unit/s listed in this application?

Supporting documents

Your documents must be relevant to your application and be written by an independent professional qualified to provide documents to support your application. For example if you have applied based on medical reasons you must provide medical documents.

Supporting documents must clearly explain significance to your personal statement and impact on study. Please review the next question to ensure you are uploading the correct information required as irrelevant documents will not be considered.

I confirm my documents *
Previous applications for Refund of debt in special circumstances
Have you previously applied for Refund of debt in special circumstances for a different study period? *
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Contact Student Central if you have any queries or if you cannot complete this form.

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