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Refund of debt in special circumstances for international students

If you withdraw from your unit/s after the relevant census dates due to special circumstances, you can apply to have any up-front payment of your tuition fees refunded.

You are unable to apply for a refund if you have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in the unit of study. If you are still enrolled in a unit you should first consider applying for special consideration before applying for Refund of debt in special circumstances. Alternatively if you are still enrolled you must withdraw from the unit before submitting your application. If your circumstances are course related, please contact your faculty or student complaints.

If you are unhappy about the new grading schema or you have concerns about studying online, this process is not an available option for you. Please submit a student complaint.

Refund of debt in special circumstances is about the refund/re-credit of fees and does not relate to grades.

Your application will be assessed within 35 days of receipt if it is complete and includes detailed supporting documentation. Due to current circumstances there may be a delay beyond 35 days in receiving your outcome. We appreciate your patience during this time.

For any queries, please contact Student Central.

Ready to apply

If you have read all sections on this page, including the FAQs, and have your documentation ready, please answer the following questions to complete the correct application form.

To be a special circumstance, a situation, condition or event, needs to be outside your control and which a reasonable person would consider is not due to your action or inaction, either direct or indirect, and for which you are not responsible, the situation must be abnormal, uncommon or unusual for you during the applicable study period.


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