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Tuition fees for international students

As an international fee paying student, you can be enrolled in either an award course or a non-award course.

The information below is for award course students. If you need non-award information, please visit international student non-award tuition fees.

The tuition fees you are charged for each study period depend on when you commenced your course. The fee rates shown below are for award courses. If you are enrolled in a non-award unit, you can check your tuition fees using the Deakin fee estimator.

How are my tuition fees calculated?

As an international student enrolled in an award course, the tuition fees you are charged will be calculated based on:

  • your course*
  • the year you started studying
  • your study load.

*If you commenced your course in 2015 or earlier  your tuition fees are calculated based on the units you enrol in. This means your fees are based on the units you choose to study and not a fixed course price. Different units have different fees which depend on how much each unit costs the University to provide. For example, units which require laboratories or special equipment may cost more than units which do not. Fee rates are listed below.

You can estimate your tuition fees using the Deakin fee estimator or refer to the tables below.

Tuition fees can increase by up to 6% each academic year.

Find your course fee and unit EFTSL value

If you are unsure about your annual course fee* or the EFTSL value of a unit, please refer to the University Handbook for the year you are studying.

*Annual course fee generally means 8 credit points over the academic year or 1 EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load) unless otherwise explained.

Calculating your unit and course fees

Each unit you enrol in will have its own EFTSL value. To determine the cost of each unit, the following calculation should be used:

Annual course fee* x unit EFTSL value = unit price

For example:

Joe is studying A300 - Bachelor of Arts and undertaking unit ALR207 Media relations. Joe's tuition fee for this unit will be $3,775.00.

$30,200.00 x 0.125 = $3,775.00

* If you are undertaking a graduate certificate, the course fee displayed will be for 0.5 EFTSL so you will need to double it before using the above formula. Course fees shown are indicative.

Your course fee will be the total of all your unit fees.

Fee information for students who commenced in 2015 or earlier

To estimate your course fees, use the Deakin fee estimator or you can use the tables below as a guide.

2023 fees for students who commenced in 2015 or before

  • Undergraduate full fee
  • Postgraduate full fee
  • Higher Degrees by Research

If you are undertaking D302 Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry, the EFTSL undertaken each year is 1.5 EFTSL. You will need to double the rate shown to determine your annual course cost.

International student fees

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