Frequently asked questions about scholarships

Common questions and answers about scholarship applications and offers.

I've applied for a scholarship. When will I find out if I am successful?

The timeline of offers will vary depending on the time of year and the number of applications received. There may also be a number of offer rounds, so just because you do not hear from us straight away it may not mean your application has been unsuccessful.

If you apply for a scholarship during a Trimester/Semester, scholarship offers will normally be made within six to eight weeks of the application closing date.

In most circumstances if you apply for a scholarship before the start of Trimester 1, first round scholarship offers will be made in the January/February period. The notification period may need to be extended due to the number of required offer rounds.

You can review the status of your online application/s regularly by checking on the Deakin Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal. The status on your application will remain in progress until the end of the selection period. This may be six to eight weeks after the scholarship closes.

No emails or notifications will be sent if your application has been unsuccessful.

I'm having trouble apply for a scholarship through the applicant portal

If you're having problems or require assistance with applying for a scholarship then you can contact for assistance or call +61 3 9244 6333.

What happens if the information I provide in my scholarship application is different to my student record?

If you are a student at Deakin University, any information you provide in your scholarship application will be confirmed against the details in your student record. If the details in your scholarship application don't match your student record, your student record will be assumed to be the correct source of information.

Please be reminded, when you accepted your course offer and enrolled at Deakin, you agreed to keeping your information up to date. This forms part of your rights and responsibilities as a student.

What happens if I provide incorrect information in my application?

Providing false or misleading information as part of your scholarship application is serious. The University reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate. This includes referring the matter to Student Conduct or other referrals.

  • If you have simply selected the wrong option in your application please contact the Scholarships Office before the scholarship closing date to have your application updated.
  • If you knowingly provided incorrect information the matter will be escalated.

Will I need to reapply for a scholarship to receive it each trimester?

The exact terms and requirements will differ depending on the scholarship and so you'll need to check your scholarship offer letter for details about payments in future trimesters or contact

Can I intermit my scholarship when I intermit my course?

The rules governing each of the scholarships are different and not all scholarships can be intermitted. We recommend that you contact the office to confirm your circumstances on Scholarships and Financial Assistance office or call +61 3 9244 6333.

I am thinking about changing my course enrolment, will this affect my scholarship?

Some scholarships are offered based on the course you are enrolled in. If you change your course this may affect your scholarship.

You should discuss your intentions with the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office to confirm your circumstances and to ensure that you are still eligible to receive your scholarship.

Do I still need to maintain eligibility now that I've been offered a scholarship?

All scholarship offers are conditional. You should read the terms outlined in your offer letter for more details.

You need to advise the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office immediately if your circumstances change to ensure that you are still eligible to receive your scholarship.

What do scholarships pay?

The payment amount and options available depend on the scholarship offered. Current scholarship holders should refer their offer letter for more information.

If your scholarship is paid by:

  • Cash - your payment will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer directly into your nominated bank account.
  • Student contributions - payment will be made directly against your Fees account.
  • Combination (cash and student contribution) - the cash portion will be made directly into your nominated bank account and the portion to be paid towards your student contributions will be paid directly against your Fees account.
  • On-campus accommodation costs - payment will be made directly to Residences on your campus.

Will my scholarship pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee?

Most scholarships do not cover the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This fee will appear on your online invoice each Trimester/Semester along with your tuition fees. If you are eligible to defer the SSAF and you wish to do so, you must complete the SA-HELP form online via StudentConnect, by providing your tax file number and accepting the conditions. If you choose to pay the SSAF upfront, you must make payment by the due date specified on your invoice. (Payment details will be available on your invoice. Go to 'Generate your invoice' on StudentConnect).

My scholarship bursary is not showing up on my invoice

Your scholarship bursary will not show up on your invoice until after census date, after which all payments will be made progressively within 5 weeks of this date. If your bursary amount does not show on your invoice 5 weeks after census date, please contact Please visit our Scholarship payments webpage for further information.

When will my scholarship be paid?

Scholarships are generally paid in two instalments - Trimester 1 and 2, unless otherwise stated in your offer letter. These payments are made progressively within 4 weeks following census date once enrolment and other eligibility conditions are confirmed. Please visit our Scholarship payments webpage for further information.

When will my Deakin Card payment be made?

If you are in receipt of a scholarship that includes a payment directly onto your Deakin Card, payment will be made after census date provided you continue to maintain eligibility as outlined in your original offer letter.

Information about using Deakin Card.

Can I ask for my scholarship to be paid on a specific date?

Whilst we appreciate the financial difficulties experienced by some students, the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office is unable to arrange to pay specific scholarships on specific dates or prioritise individual scholarship payments.

If you are having financial difficulty please contact the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office.

If I have changed my bank account details, what do I need to do?

If your scholarship makes a cash payment, this will be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your nominated bank account. To ensure that your payment is processed correctly you will need to advise us prior to census date with your new bank account details.

To update your bank account details please log into StudentConnect and add your bank account details under the Personal Details->Your Bank Details menu option.

Is my scholarship taxable?

The Scholarships and Financial Assistance office encourages you to discuss the specific taxation implications of your scholarship with your financial adviser or directly with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). General information regarding the taxation of scholarships is available from the ATO. As a general rule scholarships paid to a student in a part-time study load will be taxable.

It is your responsibility to check the taxation implications of your scholarship.

Do I need to tell Centrelink about my scholarship?

Who can I contact if I need more information?

If you need more information please contact the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office on: +61 3 9244 6333 or by emailing

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