Psychology Registration

Students intending to become psychologists must undertake at least four years of academic study: an approved three years undergraduate sequence in psychology, plus either a Level-4 Honours year or the Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

A student can then register as a Provisional psychologist while they undertake a minimum of two years further training to achieve General registration as a psychologist. Currently, these two years can be done as an approved internship under the supervision of a Registered psychologist, or, increasingly, as a two or three year post-graduate degree (a Master or Doctor of Psychology) which incorporates clinical work experience and coursework.

For more information about General Registration, visit Psychology Board of Australia. You must be a registered psychologist to practise as a psychologist, and to use the title Psychologist.  

  • To become a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) requires six years of academic study.     
  • To become an associate member requires a four-year sequence of academic study. 

Deakin's Psychology sequence is recognised by both the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Psychological Society.

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