LGBTIQ+ Allies

Deakin has a network of LGBTIQ+ Allies - staff or students who volunteer and are trained to advocate for LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning) staff and students.

Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Allies are staff and student volunteers trained to provide support to LGBTIQ+ staff and students. There are Allies located at all campuses. You can contact whichever Ally you choose, by email or telephone to organise a confidential conversation.  Allies are impartial and your communication will be treated in confidence, except where someone’s health or safety is considered to be at imminent risk

Confidential Conversation for staff undergoing a gender transition

Staff can contact the Senior Project Adviser in Diversity and inclusion to organise a confidential conversation in relation to Gender Transition Leave, Gender Transition Plan or any matter related to LGBTIQ+ sending an email to

Executive Champion

Deakin is proud to have Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Prof. Julie Owens and Deputy Vice Chancellor Global Engagement, Professor Gary Smith as our visible champions for LGBTIQ+ inclusion. They regularly join LGBTIQ+ activities and actively communicates the importance of creating an environment where our LGBTIQ+ staff and students can feel proud of being themselves.

Who can become an Ally?

Any Deakin member of staff or student can become an Ally, whether you identify as LGBTIQ+ or not. You will need to:

  • be passionate about helping LGBTIQ+ staff and students
  • have some awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues (LGBTIQ+ Awareness training or similar level of understanding)
  • undertake Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Ally training session
  • provide confidential information about Deakin's LGBTIQ+ inclusive policies, State and Federal legislation (covered in the training)
  • communicate effectively with people at all levels of the University
  • be impartial and maintain confidentiality
  • advocate for equal opportunity, inclusion and diversity in your work area
  • be self-aware, sensitive and resilient
  • be visible as an Ally.

Responsibilities of the Ally role

The role of an Ally includes:

  • providing guidance to staff and students about the appropriate mechanism to address  discrimination, harassment or bullying within their related area
  • informing staff and students about the University's policies and procedures
  • promoting the use of non-discriminatory language and behaviour, e.g. use of non-binary language and avoiding gender binary assumptions around sex and gender
  • communicating and promoting your role in your local work area
  • engaging with LGBTIQ+ visibility activities at Deakin e.g. celebrating LGBTIQ+ significant days and events throughout the year.

The Ally role does not:

  • discuss a case with anyone without permission
  • advocate for individuals
  • resolve or investigate complaints
  • try to push anyone to take particular action.

Ally stories

I am glad to be an Ally, supporting the rights of LGBTIQ+ students and staff. I enjoy the company and friendship of LGBTIQ+ people and have much affinity for the vibrant cultural and social contributions this community gives to Australian society. As a painter and former resident of St.Kilda and Prahran, my social circles included LGBTIQ+ people, sharing an appreciation of cultural activities, film, fashions, decor and humorous conversations.

Laszlo Romer, Digital Accessibility Specialist, Diversity and Inclusion
Laszlo Romer smiling

Being an Ally gives me an opportunity to help create a more inclusive, understanding and a safer environment in the Deakin community. Deakin LGBTIQ+ community is a great team of colourful diverse individuals who together represent diversity striving to create a safe environment for staff and students. As a strong believer in ‘equality’ and ‘justice’, the fact that motivates me the most to be a part of this community is how well and how much we could support and serve one another and take a message to the world that no one should be standing alone today despite their differences.

Geethika Perera, Senior Student Adviser
Geethika Perera smiling

Resources for Deakin LGBTIQ+ Allies

  • Let people know that you’re an Ally by including this banner in your email signature. Right click to save the image.

Deakin LGBTIQ+ Ally email banner

Show your support!

Rainbow are available to all staff and students at the Deakin Merchandise Shop, or by contacting Diversity and Inclusion.

After you have undertaken Allies training, you will receive a sticker and a lanyards to visibly show your support. We would ask  that you also consider updating your email signature to include:

  • preferred pronouns (example: his/ him/ he)
  • Australian Workplace Equality Index - Gold Medal logo
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