LGBTIQ+ Discrimination and Complaints

If you have been discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and/or Intersex status you have a right to make a complaint.

If you are a student you can contact the Student Complaints Team at If you are a staff member you can contact the Diversity and Inclusion Complaints Team at Staff in both of these areas have been trained in LGBTIQ+ awareness.

The relevant procedures are below:

Please note: The University has two different procedures. The bullying procedures is for any bully incident not related to any protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Legislation (Gender identity (including Gender Expression), Sexual Orientation, Relationship Status and Intersex Status). If you staff belief you have been bullied on the basis of any of these attributes, then, this complaint is managed as a discrimination complaint as explained above.

Example of gender identity discrimination

'Meredith is a trans woman. Her colleagues continually refer to her directly as ‘Sir’ and she repeatedly overhears comments from colleagues about herself using male pronouns such as ‘he’ and ‘him’. Meredith has politely asked people to address her appropriately but most make no effort to use suitable pronouns' (Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission)

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Example of lawful sexual activity discrimination

'Jeanette works in a competitive scientific field. When her employer discovers she is in a relationship with a staff member from a rival company he sacks her because he is afraid she is “giving away trade secrets to the competition' (Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission).

Example of sexual orientation discrimination

'Maxine contacts the local sports centre to join the weekly basketball tournament and is put in touch with a team needing players. At her second game with the team Maxine’s girlfriend comes along to cheer her on. Afterwards, the team captain tells Maxine that she doesn’t want a lesbian on the team as it might upset some of the other team members' (Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission).

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Example of expunged homosexual conviction discrimination

'Frank applies for a position with a construction company but doesn’t get the job. When he calls the company’s human resources manager to ask why he wasn’t chosen, she tells Frank: “We heard that your criminal record has been altered which you failed to tell us about. We don’t employ people with criminal records' (Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission)

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Intersex Discrimination

"It is important not to make assumptions about the identity, sex assignment, sex characteristics, gender, or terminology preferred by intersex staff. Similar to other stigmatised populations, some intersex workers will have an identity that is informed by their body, physical characteristics or life experience, while others may not. Misconceptions and stigmatisation will inform an individual’s choice in both disclosure and terminology.

Some people with an intersex variation will openly disclose their intersex status, others will not. In designing workplace policies and in general practice, there should be no obligation on intersex workers to educate co-workers or managers about their status or rights. Information on an individual’s intersex status and any diagnostic details should be treated as sensitive information" (Intersex Human Rights Australia).

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