eVALUate: You said, we did

Acting on your eVALUate feedback

Your feedback in the eVALUate survey can have a significant impact on the units you have studied. Every trimester, the teaching team in each unit reviews the overall results on the survey questions and your comments on the units and the teachers.

Select your faculty to see examples of how teaching teams have acted on eVALUate results and suggestions for improvement in units.

Faculty of Arts and Education

Faculty of Business and Law

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

You can see the results of eVALUate surveys on the eVALUate website.

The eVALUate survey for Trimester 3 2021 is open from Monday 31 January and closes Sunday 27 February.

Please take the survey and tell us what you think. We'll listen.

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