Completing your Candidature Engagement Form

The Candidature Engagement Form is an important document which is completed and uploaded into your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first month of your candidature. The form provides a list of important items for discussion between yourself and your supervisory team to ensure that certain requirements pertaining to your research project have been discussed and understood at the commencement of your candidature. Items listed for discussion include:

  • Engagement with your supervisory team and HDR support staff
  • Planning of candidature objectives and key milestones
  • Research conduct
  • Intellectual property
  • Resources and facilities available to support your candidature

Completing the Candidature Engagement Form is compulsory for Deakin research degree students.

As part of completing your Candidature Engagement Form, you are expected to set up an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP is a mechanism for planning and recording all of the skills and knowledge you will acquire during your study. This will be your first opportunity to interact with the ILP and you are encouraged to continue reviewing your plan throughout your candidature.

Students will receive the Candidature Engagement Form from the Graduate Research Academy prior to commencement of candidature as part of their Welcome to Deakin email.

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