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As a HDR student at Deakin you are required to meet requirements at key milestones. Here you will find links to information to help you and the online forms and systems to complete the tasks. There is also a suite of forms for managing changes to your candidature.

Candidature profile

A snapshot of your profile including your details, supervisors, milestone dates and other information.

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Candidature engagement form

Guidance on completing your candidature engagement form.

Confirmation of candidature

Preparing and completing your confirmation of candidature.

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Annual reviews

All students need to demonstrate satisfactory progress annually.

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Changes to candidature

  • >  Higher Degree by Research online application form
  • >  Change of Candidature: Application
  • >  Change of Research Topic: Application
  • >  Extension of Candidature: Application
  • >  Extension of Scholarship: Application
  • >  Intermission of Candidature: Application
  • >  Transfer Between Research Degrees: Application
  • >  Annual leave: Application
  • >  Parental leave: Application

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Candidature Frequently Asked Questions

Logins and passwords

How do I get my username and password?

Instructions on how to obtain your username and password can be found in the PDF file attached to your 'Welcome to Deakin' email. Information is also available via IT Help.

I can't log on. My username or password is not working. What should I do?

Contact IT Help with all username or password related issues.


I am enrolled and have my username and password. What is the next step?

You need to contact and arrange a meeting with your principal supervisor. Your principal supervisor is named in your letter of offer. Visit the My Candidature webpage to view more information about your candidature details and requirements.

I need evidence of my enrolment at Deakin. Who should I contact?

Please email a HDR Adviser and request a letter of enrolment, also referred to as a candidature statement. The HDR Adviser will send you this letter as a PDF via email.

What is a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?

A Confirmation of Enrolment is required for visa applications and compliance purposes for international students. Information on CoE can be found at Compliance and Visas page.

How do I get a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?

If you are an international onshore student and approval has been granted for you to extend your candidature or to intermit, you will be issued a new CoE. The new CoE will be sent to you via email shortly after your application has been approved. If you do not receive your CoE within a fortnight after your intermission or extension was approved or you require it urgently, please contact a HDR Adviser.

What are the course learning outcomes for a PhD and Masters at Deakin?

All research degrees at Deakin meet Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) standards. This is to ensure national recognition and consistency as well as common understanding across Australia of what defines each qualification and is recognized by other countries. Details of the course learning outcomes for both PhD and Masters can be obtained from HDR Course Learning Outcomes.


What coursework unit do I need to be enrolled in?
In most cases, your coursework unit will be outlined in your offer letter. For students enrolled in the Faculty of Health, the coursework unit will be determined on commencement of your course in discussion with your supervisor and HDR Coordinator.

How do I find out when I have to complete this unit?
You need to contact your Supervisor and/or Unit Chair for details and requirements regarding the unit completion. You can get preliminary information about the unit in the University Handbook.

How do I access my coursework unit materials?
Your Faculty or Unit Chair will send you details about your enrolled unit once you start. You can also view the soursework unit material when you login to CloudDeakin. If you are not sure you should contact your supervisor or HDR Coordinator.

I can’t complete the assignment in time, can I withdraw from the unit?
If you withdraw before the Trimester census date, WE (Withdrawn Early) will be recorded against the unit but it won’t appear in your transcript. For withdrawals after the census date, WL (Withdrawn Late) or WN (Withdrawn Fail) will be recorded against the unit and will appear in your transcript. Please see the withdrawal dates and penalties webpages for domestic students or international students for more information.

What happens if I fail the unit?
Each unit has different unit requirements. Please check with the Unit Chair or your Faculty for more information.


What is intermission and how does it work?

Intermission is a formal break from your studies. Your candidature is paused and you are not permitted to undertake any studies during this time. Intermission will not normally be approved for periods greater than 12 months except in exceptional circumstances or in the first 12 months of candidature. Intermission cannot be taken retrospectively. If you are the recipient of a scholarship, your scholarship payments may be suspended, but this will depend on the reason you are intermitting. You need to check the Terms and Conditions of your scholarship for payment suspension.

All intermission applications require approval from your supervisor, Head of Academic Unit and the Pro Vice- Chancellor Researcher Development.

On campus international students: Before you start the online form, you must have an interview with an International Student Support Officer (ISSO) to discuss how the intermission may affect your student visa. Please email us with your Deakin email and include your mobile phone number so that we can contact you to organise an appointment.

How do I apply for Intermission?

You can apply for intermission via the Intermission of Candidature online form.

Can I extend my intermission using the previous intermission form?

No. You will need to submit a new intermission application via the Intermission of Candidature online form and provide relevant supporting documents or justification for extending your current intermission.

I want to return early from my intermission. What should I do?

Email a HDR Adviser with the date you wish to return. If you are a scholarships recipient, you should also email the HDR Adviser scholarships to ensure your scholarship is recommenced. You will receive an acknowledgement email from a HDR Adviser and the scholarships office confirming your return date.

How do I know if my intermission has been approved?

You will be notified via email once an outcome of your intermission application has been decided. This generally takes 1-2 weeks. You can view the form's progress at any stage by selecting the intermission form and entering your Deakin username and password. If your application is urgent please email a HDR Adviser.

I want to amend my intermission application?

To amend or delete existing form please email a HDR Adviser.

Training, development and workshops

How do I complete the compulsory Deakin Research Induction?
Research Induction can be completed in one of two ways. You may attend the Induction workshop and complete the online quiz or view the online Research Induction materials available in CloudDeakin and then complete the online quiz. More information can be found on Induction webpage.

Do I need to complete the Research Integrity Training?
All students must complete online Research Integrity Training through CloudDeakin. The training must be completed prior to confirmation of candidature.

Where can I find information about research training and workshops?
Deakin offers a wide range of training for research degree students. A catalogue of training components can be found through the Individual Learning Plan. Further information can be found on the Researcher Development section of the DeakinHub.

Who can I talk to for information on conference funding?
Conference funding is available directly from your School/Faculty. Please view the HDR Contacts page to contact your School HDR Coordinator or faculty administrative staff for further information.

Changes to candidature

Who approves any changes to my candidature?
All changes to candidature applications require approval from your supervisor, Head of Academic Unit and the Pro Vice Chancellor Researcher Development.

To amend or delete existing form please email a HDR Adviser.

Under what circumstances can I extend my candidature?
Requests for extension shall be made according to the Graduate Research Academy processes. An extension will be approved only when you, supported by your supervisor and Head of Academic Unit or nominee, demonstrates that you have already made substantial progress toward completion, and have set out an achievable plan for completion within the requested extension period.

How do I change from full time to part time of vice versa?
You can apply to change your mode of study from full-time to part-time and vice versa by submitting a Change of Candidature online form.

Please note: International students on a student visa can only change to part-time candidature if they are studying off campus. On campus international students must remain full-time .

How do I change my campus?

You can apply to change your campus from off campus to on campus and vice versa by submitting a Change of Candidature online form.

I am enrolled in a Research Masters. How do I change to a PhD or vice versa?
If you are a research Masters student and have completed your Masters confirmation of candidature, or a PhD student wishing to transfer to Masters, please complete the Transfer Between Research Degrees online form.

If you are a Masters student and have not yet completed your confirmation of candidature, please refer to the Higher Degrees by Research Academic Progress Procedure.

How do I change my research topic?
You can apply to change your research topic by submitting a Change of research topic online form. Please note the title must be a maximum of 10 words, but excluding words such as "and", "to", "of" “the” etc. Minor changes to the wording do not require approval and can be made via emailing an HDR Adviser.

I have been granted permanent residency (PR). Who should I contact?
Email evidence of your permanent residency to a HDR Adviser to update your residency status in our records and central student database.

How do I know if my submitted changes to candidature has been approved?
You will be notified via email once an outcome of your application has been decided. This generally takes 1-2 weeks. You can view the form's progress at any stage by selecting the relevant online form and entering your Deakin username and password. If your application is urgent please email a HDR Adviser.

Work and leave entitlements

Am I entitled to annual leave?
Yes. All research degree students are entitled to 20 days annual leave per year. This can be arranged between you and your supervisor and does not need to be reported to the Graduate Research Academy.

Am I allowed to work during my candidature?

Students might be permitted to undertake employment during their candidature

  • If you are a full-time domestic (both candidature and scholarship) student your average work hours should be no more than an average of 6 hours per week, provided the work does not interfere with the progress of your research program.Approval must be sought for periods of part-time work amounting to the average of more than 6 hours per week. The Head of Academic Unit must certify that the work does not interfere with the progress of the research and the statement must be lodged with Deakin’s Graduate Research Academy.
  • If you are a part time domestic student there is no work limit specified.
  • If you are an international student please refer to your visa conditions.

Withdrawals and transfers

I am thinking of withdrawing. Who should I contact?
Withdrawal from candidature is a serious decision. We strongly encourage you to discuss this at length with your supervisor or HDR Coordinator or a HDR Adviser.

What are the steps for withdrawing?

Once you have made your decision to withdraw, you need to

  • Email a HDR Adviser advising that you wish to withdraw from candidature. Verbal withdrawal requests won't be processed.
  • Add the withdrawal date in the email.
  • State the reason for your withdrawal (optional).
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your withdrawal is processed.

I want to transfer to another institution and need to withdraw. What do I do?
If you are transferring to another institution you need to formally withdraw from Deakin by following the above steps. Contact a HDR Adviser to provide you with a withdrawal statement.

What is a withdrawal statement?
Withdrawal statement contains your candidature details. Such as start and end dates, study mode, any noted intermission, scholarship (if applicable), consumed EFTSL and other relevant candidature information.

Support during candidature

I'm struggling and need help. What are my options?
Students face many challenges and difficulties during candidature. They may be health, family, personal, study or outside work-related issues. You should first talk to your supervisor or HDR Coordinator or alternatively utilise another support service at Deakin such as:

I am a current student. Can I apply for a scholarship?
Current students can apply for a centrally funded scholarship. For information please refer to the page Research Training Program/ Deakin University postgraduate scholarship page or contact a HDR Adviser.

I have a question about the annual review. Where can I get answers?
Answers to frequently asked questions about the annual review process can be found on the Annual Review ¬ FAQs for students webpage.

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