Annual review

All students need to demonstrate satisfactory progress on an annual basis in order to be able to continue their candidature. For those on a scholarship, satisfactory progress is also a condition of scholarship continuation.

All HDR students who are entering their second calendar year of candidature (full or part-time) have to do the review. The reviews are due for completion close to the anniversary date of commencement in the second and subsequent years of candidature (taking into account any intermission taken). All students will be notified by email to their Deakin student account when they are required to complete an annual review. All reviews are conducted online through the Candidature Review System (CRS).

Students should refer to the frequently asked questions for students page for information and answers to commonly asked questions.

Supervisors should refer to the frequently asked questions for supervisors page for information and guidance.

You can also view a flowchart (PDF, 71.4KB) of the annual review process for research degree students.

Deakin University has policies and procedures that concern information privacy.

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