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Costa Rica – Sif

Students on beach in Costa Rica waiting for sea turtlesSea turtles on beach in Costa Rica

Student: Sif 
Course: Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology)
Program: Global Environmental Placement – Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica, January 2024
International student study grant recipient

Sif is an international student from Iceland.

Tell us about your life abroad: what were some of the differences you observed to Australia?

There were many differences that I was able to observe. The biggest one is their general way of life. There is a much more relaxed atmosphere there than in Australia. Everything moves at a slower pace and people are more laid back. Even though they are laid back they are far from being lazy. Additionally, the weather there is much different to Melbourne. It is much warmer and more humid. As a result, there was a break in the day during the hottest part of the day which was very nice and contributed to that laid back atmosphere.

How will the trip add value to your studies?

This trip was an incredibly valuable experience for my future in my field. It was part of my work placement in my course which is a hurdle for me to finish my degree. Additionally, the experience gained was valuable for my future employability. I gained more experience in teamwork, intercultural communication and course specific knowledge that I would probably not have gained otherwise. In the future I want to work internationally and doing an international experience as part of my studies helps me get closer to that goal, hopefully making me more employable in an international setting.

What motivated you to travel further as an international student?

I have travelled a bit in my life and have caught the travel bug. I wanted to travel further because I always learn so many new things while travelling. So, having this international opportunity be part of my degree was something that I was not ready to let pass me by. I knew it was an opportunity for me to expand my horizons even further and learn skills related to my course from a culture that is different to both where I am from and to Australia. I believe that to be an incredibly valuable resource that I can take with me into the future.

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