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France – Judith

A group of students standing outside the ESSCA School of Management building

Student: Judith
Course: Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability)
Program: Short-Term Partner Program (ESSCA School of Management)
International student grant recipient

Judith is an international student from Guatemala.

Describe the city you were living in: the landscape, the culture, the weather etc.

In my study abroad program, I went to France and had the opportunity to visit three beautiful cities. The first was Beauvais, a small town in the northern region of France. The host university was in a rural area surrounded by nature. The accommodation was on campus and had easy access to public transportation. Although the weather was cold, it was nice to see snow.

The second city we went to was Paris. We not only had free time to explore the city and visit as many iconic sites as we wanted over the weekend, we also visited a mushroom farm in the middle of Paris. It was interesting to see the urban farming techniques that we learnt in class being applied.

The last city was Angers where ESSCA University delivered detailed information on the supply chain and took us to see a local liquor factory to understand the process that most products we consume have to go through until they get to our hands.

How did you decide which study abroad opportunity to do and what was something that challenged you?

I applied for this program because I was interested in learning about innovative techniques in agriculture to make it more sustainable. I believe exposing myself to an international scope on the matter helps me understand possible solutions to the environmental impact humankind has. The biggest challenge for me was the management and business aspect of the program since I had little knowledge of the subject.

What motivated you to travel further as an international student?

I have always enjoyed travelling. I am currently an international student at Deakin so for me, being able to further my learning horizons with the study abroad program was an excellent opportunity. I think seeing other places gives you a different perspective and allows you to point out differences that are worth either adapting or quitting in your day-to-day life. Personally, the grant was the only way I could have done the program so I am grateful and happy that it was an option for me.

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