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Thailand – Keegan

Deakin student, Keegan in Thailand

Student: Keegan
Course: Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce
Program: Summer School 2023

My time in Thailand during a short-term exchange program offered a unique cultural immersion, a cornerstone for understanding the societal intricacies crucial for diplomacy.

This academic adventure bolstered both my formal and informal skill sets, especially in the area of cross-cultural communication, a vital skill for Australia's diplomatic efforts in the Indo-Pacific region. Supported by the New Colombo Plan, this experience aligns with its objectives of uplifting Indo-Pacific capability in Australian graduates.

Forming a friendship with Sean, a student at Mahidol University who is fluent in both Thai and English, became one of the most enriching aspects of my time in Thailand. With his guidance, we navigated through local neighbourhoods, experienced authentic Thai culture, and Sean took us to the best restaurants and bars that were popular among locals rather than tourists. Sean's insights provided a deeper, more genuine experience of Thailand, making it all the more special. Our relationship evolved from merely being university acquaintances to becoming good friends, adding significant depth to my overseas study experience.

After class, Groove Market in Salaya was the local hangout spot. It was conveniently located near our accommodation and offered the perfect setting for unwinding. We sipped on cold beers like Singha while mingling with international students. We found it amusing that when it came to staying connected, our Chinese peers primarily used WeChat, while we were more accustomed to Instagram.

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