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UK – Anna-Rose

Beatrix Potter's house in the Lake District, England

Student: Anna-Rose
Course: Bachelor of Creative Writing
Program: Trimester Exchange T2 2023

Travelling and studying abroad have always been big dreams of mine. Due to illness and finances, I wasn’t sure it would ever happen. But with a lot of research and planning and the support of my friends, family, and the staff at the Deakin Abroad team, I did it!

I chose to study at the University of East Anglia as it was considered the best school to study at for creative writing, which is my bachelor’s degree. As a homebody and an introvert, I didn’t do much travelling. I preferred to explore Norwich and really just soak in the surroundings of the university. It is such a beautiful place to be! I did travel to the Lake District at one point and visited Beatrix Potter’s house, which was magical! I also had the best brown sugar latte EVER!

I studied Prose Fiction, Reading Now (a unit focused on close readings of books of different genres), and Poetry. I though it would be difficult to juggle a full course load, as I was used to part-time. But the fact that I had travelled across the world to do this, kind of gave me the drive to do it no matter what! There were of course difficult times, not just with keeping up with my studies, but with adjusting to being in another country. The first 6 weeks were a challenge, but I kept in touch with my friends and family back home and I made it through, and I’m better for it.

If you’re thinking studying abroad is something you might want to do, don’t think about it too much! If you’re in a position where you can try to make it happen, just go for it! It’ll be so incredibly worth it, I promise you!

*Photograph of Beatrix Potter's house in the Lake District, England.

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