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UK – Keegan

Group of students including Deakin student around Exeter sign

Student: Keegan
Course: Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce
Program: Summer School 2022

As a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce student, I am dedicated to acquiring a multi-faceted understanding of international relations. This aligns closely with my long-term aspirations to work in diplomatic roles with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the United Nations.

At the University of Exeter, my short-term exchange program saw me complete a unit on International Relations: Security, Conflict and Peace. This academic experience enriched my understanding of global security and offered crucial insights into subjects such as nuclear disarmament and asymmetric warfare. The skills and knowledge acquired from this unit are directly relevant to diplomatic dialogue and conflict resolution within the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The international relations class at the University of Exeter provided a valuable forum for the exchange of diverse viewpoints, particularly following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. With a student body that included Australians, as well as Europeans and Americans, the discussions often revealed how our national backgrounds shaped our attitudes towards global crises. This mix enriched the course, creating a multi-dimensional dialogue that intersected academic theories with the real-world experiences each nationality brought into the classroom.

Exeter is a town with its own unique charm. The Imperial, or 'Impy' was where we went for drinks, especially to enjoy the spacious beer garden during the United Kingdom's 2022 summer heatwaves (a typical summer by Australian standards). With budget-friendly beers and Pimms on offer, the atmosphere was excellent for socialising, and I made many lasting friendships.

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