Change Cloud campus unit exam location

Deakin provides exam locations for our Cloud Campus students around Australia, and the world.

Trimester 1 exam (in response to COVID-19 situation)

The Trimester 1 2021 exam period will be held Monday 7 - Friday 18 June, 2021. Please check StudentConnect for your individual exam timetable (to be released on Tuesday 27 April, 2021). Your unit site will also have individual exam details posted closer to the exam period..

Find out more on the General exam information webpage.

Some important points about Cloud Campus unit exams

  • All exam start times are held at the local time of your exam location.
  • Deakin reserves the right to withdraw exam locations at its discretion and to allocate students to exam locations. Deakin is not obligated to use student-nominated exam supervisors.
  • Changing your address on StudentConnect does not change your exam location. Follow the instructions below on this page under 'How to change your location for Cloud Campus units'.
  • If your exam location is not listed below then please specify your preferred exam location in the Nominate or change of exam location form. We will then allocate you to our closest established exam location.

Campus based unit exams (on campus)

  • If you are studying a unit at a physical campus, you must sit the exam on that campus. If you have a mix of Campus and Cloud campus examinable units, the Campus unit exams will be held at the campus only and cannot be relocated. For more information, visit Campus based exams.

How to check your exam location for Cloud Campus units

At the start of each study period, you should check that your exam location has been set correctly in StudentConnect. You may be required to pay a fee if your exam location is not correctly recorded or you have not nominated an exam location within the required deadline for exam venue changes. It is your responsibility to ensure your exam location is correct.

To check your exam location:

  1. Login to StudentConnect
  2. If the exam timetable hasn't been released for the study period yet,
    1. click on 'Course and unit details' button on the home page or in the enrolment menu,
    2. On this screen, you will see a line for 'Exam Location'. If this is blank or is incorrect, you'll need to request a Nominate or Change of Exam Location.
  3. If the exam timetable has been released for the study period, you can click on 'Exam timetable' and you'll see where your exam location is currently allocated. If the location isn't correct, you'll need to request a Change of Exam Location.

How to set your exam location for Cloud Campus units

Check the list of our main Cloud Campus unit exam locations to see if there is an existing Cloud Campus exam location near you. If there isn’t a location close to you, complete the Nominate or Change of exam location form. Once you’ve set your exam location, it will be set for the duration of your course unless you require a change.

How to change your exam location for Cloud Campus units

If you need to change your exam location temporarily for a trimester, or permanently because you’ve moved, you should complete the Nominate or Change of exam location form.

Dates to change exam location

Dates to change exam location listed by trimester
Exam location changes Trimester 1
Trimester 2
Trimester 3

No changes are possible within 2 weeks of the start of the exam period

From 19 May to exams^

From 28 September to exams

From 28 January 2022 to exams

^This date was originally Monday 24 May and was amended on 27 April 2021.

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