International SOS

Deakin University has partnered with International SOS, to provide you with medical support, security advice and risk management training before your travel. Whilst travelling you should contact International SOS for any emergency travel assistance. Additionally, International SOS are your first point of contact for any non-emergency, health and security related enquiries.

Kindly note, International SOS replaced QBE Assist services, effective of 1st August 2017.

All students on approved international programs should access these services.

Some examples of services available to you prior to and during your time abroad include:

  • Medical advice on vaccinations and travel safety tips before travelling overseas;
  • A medical condition (physical or emotional) that you wish to discuss with a doctor;
  • Up to date travel security risk assessment of your itinerary;
  • You feel unwell and are unsure where to find a doctor or pharmacy;
  • You are injured;
  • You have any concerns for your safety at any time;
  • You are experiencing anxiety or other stress related symptoms.

Prior to travel, you should view the online country information for your destination. If you need more in-depth information or have questions specific to your personal health and safety, call the International SOS Assistance Centre before you travel.


  1. Download the International SOS app onto your phone to receive real time alerts and information
  2. Upload your itinerary to My Trips either manually or by forwarding your e-ticket to using your Deakin email address
  3. Register with Travel Tracker
  4. Read up on your destination country guides at using Deakin’s membership login available here.


  1. Always call International SOS at the first sign that you need assistance.
  2. Update your details on the Assistance App and/or My Trips if you have purchased a local SIM
  3. When your itinerary changes, update your travel details via My Trips either manually or by forwarding your e-ticket to


Who is International SOS?

International SOS is the world’s leading medical & security services company. Global services include medical and security risk planning, in-country expertise and emergency response for travellers.

The service includes a comprehensive, members-only website ( and 26 Assistance Centres around the world. With 54+ International SOS clinics and a fleet of air ambulances, members are assured of the very best routine or emergency medical and security assistance. International SOS have a presence in over 850 sites in 70 countries with 11,000+ employees, led by 1,400 physicians and 200 security specialists.

When do I call International SOS?

You can call with a simple medical, security or travel related question or in an emergency. As member you get 24-hour expert advice and assistance – whether you need vaccinations before travelling; medical advice while abroad; or immediate care in a medical emergency. International SOS assistance services are designed to help you with any medical, personal, travel or legal problems when you are outside your home country.

What is an Assistance Centre?

International SOS Assistance Centres are 24/7/365 operations centres staffed by doctors and nurses, security experts, multi-lingual coordinators, and logistics support personnel. They respond rapidly to any type of emergency or call for assistance.

Is International SOS an insurance company?

No, they are a 24-hour medical assistance company. Simplified, insurance takes care of the bills and International SOS help to keep our travellers safe, healthy and secure around the world, by helping you thoroughly prepare before travel. International SOS also provide expert advice, referral assistance, medical monitoring, activating ambulances, alerting the emergency staff if required, arranging hotel/ home visits, arranging bedside nursing, supported by in-house doctors, nurses and security professionals.

International SOS’s medical staff credential a worldwide network of providers, with signed agreements with many of these providers. They are able to provide guarantee of payments on your behalf in most cases.

Do I have to pay to use International SOS services?

As a member, all of advisory services are complimentary. Deakin subscribes to a membership program to access these services.

Will International SOS pay my medical bills?

Many countries around the world have medical systems that require upfront payment before treatment, even in an emergency. International SOS will guarantee and pay up-front costs associated with your medical care to ensure you receive immediate treatment, liaising with Deakin where required. Given our worldwide presence, many providers are accustomed to working with our teams.

Do I need to activate my membership?

No, your membership is already active. Download the Assistance App on your mobile phone and carry the International SOS card in your wallet at all times while travelling. Whenever you need assistance, the mobile app will direct you to the nearest Assistance Centre.

Do I have to carry my membership card with me at all times?

No, however it is a good idea to always carry your membership card with you since it includes the telephone numbers of our Assistance Centres and Deakin’s membership number. Should you ever lose consciousness, emergency services are trained to look for identification. They will alert International SOS when they find your membership card in your wallet.

What information should I have available before calling International SOS?

To ensure a prompt response when calling, you should be prepared to provide the following:

  1. You will be asked for basic contact information so International SOS can call you back if you get cut-off or are on international roaming;
  2. You will need to provide a brief description of your issue or concern so you can be put through to the appropriate medical or security consultant;
  3. You may be asked personal questions, the information you provide is bound by privacy laws, please speak frankly with your consultant so you can receive the best possible care and advice;
  4. Provide your membership number (this can be found on the membership card or on the mobile app) – it’s ok if you don’t have this, International SOS will still assist you.

Does International SOS have any helpful pre-travel information available?

Yes, in addition to calling the Assistance Centre for any pre-trip questions you may have, you can access the country guides by logging in with your membership number at or by browsing the International SOS Assistance App. You can access this comprehensive and up-to-date site providing essential information including the following:

  • Vaccination requirements
  • Passport and visa requirements
  • Quality of health care
  • Advice on prevalent diseases
  • Personal and driving safety information
  • Hygiene: quality of food and water
  • Culture and customs
  • Currency
  • Weather and what clothes to take
  • Compatibility of electrical items
  • Personal safety advice
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