Graduate documents

The documents you receive on graduation day are a mark of your experiences at Deakin, the skills you’ve developed and the hard work you’ve put in.

Here you’ll find out what documents you’ll receive on the day and how to access digital copies.

Types of documents

Types of documents

Academic transcript

This is your official record of study at Deakin. It lists your course, units, majors (minors where applicable) and specialisations, grades, dates of study and any honours. Prospective employers may use it to verify your qualifications.


A testamur (or certificate) is the award certificate and official document that confirms the conferral of your course and includes your majors and specialisations, distinction and honours, if awarded. If you complete a double degree you will receive two testamurs – one for each stream of your degree.

Unfortunately we can't replace testamurs from institutions that are no longer part of Deakin, such as the State College of Victoria (Geelong and Warrnambool), Gordon Institute of Technology, Institute of Advanced Education (IAE) or Victoria College (Burwood, Toorak and Clayton). Please see a full list of institutions.


Your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) includes your award, full academic results (including failures and late withdrawals), prizes, internships and information about Deakin and Australia’s higher education system. The AHEGS helps international audiences understand your qualifications.

AHEGS are only available for courses conferred from late 2010 onwards. AHEGS for awards completed prior to late 2010 are not available.

How you receive your documents

Please note: Due to the University Christmas shutdown, all academic document orders received will not be actioned until the University reopens on Thursday 5 January

How you receive your documents

Academic transcript - you'll receive a hardcopy and digital copy (through My eQuals) of your academic transcript following completion of your course free of charge. *

Testamuryou'll receive a printed copy of your testamur in a testamur pocket on the day of your graduation or if you've graduate in absentia, in the mail 4-6 weeks after your ceremony date. Digital copies will be available on My eQuals approximately 1 week after your ceremony date free of charge. #

AHEGS you'll receive a digital copy of your AHEGS free of charge after your degree has been conferred at your graduation ceremony.

* If it’s been more than 12 months since you completed your course and you haven’t received your transcript, you’ll need to purchase a copy using our online order form.

# If it’s been more than 12 months since you graduated and you haven’t received your testamur, we'll also require you to complete the replacement testamur form (PDF, 233.8KB) and pay the replacement testamur fee.

Digital copies of documents

As a graduate, you will receive digital copies of your documents through My eQuals. My eQuals allows graduates to access, download and share digital copies of their academic transcript, testamur and AHEGS at any time.

You will receive an email about how to access My eQuals digital records around the time of result release in your final Trimester of studies. Find out more in the My eQuals section below.

Digital academic documents are provided free of charge for all students who graduate from October 2018 onwards.

Purchasing and collecting additional or replacement copies

You can purchase and access copies of your academic documents through the online order form. Please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed. Once the document is available you will receive an email notification from My eQuals about how to access your digital document.

A replacement hardcopy testamur will only be issued once the completed replacement testamur form (PDF, 233.8KB) has been sent to the Graduations Office.

If someone is picking up your transcript for you at Student Central, please alert us by submitting an online enquiry form and include their name and date of birth. They'll also need to bring photo ID.

Statement of Results

Statement of Results

A Statement of Results (or evidence of enrolment) is an unofficial record of your results. It's free and current students can access one through StudentConnect. If you no longer have access to StudentConnect please contact Student Central.

A Statement of Results is not available for antecedent institutions of Deakin University, such as the State College of Victoria (Geelong and Warrnambool), Gordon Institute of Technology, Institute of Advanced Education (IAE) or Victoria College (Burwood, Toorak and Clayton). Please see a full list of institutions.

Law graduates

Law graduates

If you're a law graduate wanting to practice law, the Board of Examiners (Victorian Legal Admissions Board) needs a copy of your transcript and Academic Conduct Report.

To request your Academic Conduct Report, contact Student Central directly on +61 3 9244 6333 or submit our online enquiry form.

Learn more about this process

Education graduates

Education graduates

If you're an education graduate, we'll automatically send your results to the Victorian Institute of Teaching. So, no need to do anything.



Appellations (or postnominals) are letters that can feature after your name once your award has been conferred. They're abbreviations of your qualifications that relate to the degree you've completed and can assist people in identifying your level of education.

Learn more about appellations

Digital documents/My eQuals

My eQuals

My eQuals allows you to access your digital graduate documents anytime, from anywhere in the world and share certified digital versions with employers or agencies. Follow the link below for information on your My eQuals account.

Learn more about My eQuals

Have a question about your transcript?

If you have a query about the information on your transcript, get in touch with a Student Adviser. If a change is required, they can help.

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