Useful websites for self-study (Spelling and Vocabulary)

Vocabulary Apps

  • Quizlet: Sign up and make your own vocabulary list - you can use English and your language. Learn by completing activities and playing games - watch to find out about Quizlet
  • Sign up and make your own vocabulary list - the app will provide you with the definition in English. Learn by completing activities

GE 1-GE 5

Intermediate to Advanced

Mixed Level activities

  • Skillswise (BBC): Videos and games - plurals, root words, prefixes, suffixes, plurals, and tips for memorizing vocabulary
  • Victoria University, CA: Choose your level and select vocabulary
  • Vocabulary quizzes - adjectives, opposites, word groups, spelling, and more
  • Vocabulary games and quizzes
  • ESL Choose your topic, learn the words, and complete the practice and follow up exercises
  • Select a word and see how it is used in a variety of simple sentences
  • ESL Galaxy: Collocation activities (words that belong together)
  • Collocation quiz - 10 questions
  • Ardvark's English Phrasal verbs - fill the blanks
  • Spelling - listen to the word and write it then check your answer
  • FIS Community: A variety of exercises that will improve your spelling (choose a spelling exercise)



US vs UK vocabulary

Australian slang and phrases


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