Get to Deakin

Deakin University currently has four main campuses all located in Victoria. There are a number of convenient ways to get to each campus, which are explained on this page. Sustainability is a Deakin value, so here we provide sustainable ways to travel and reduce emissions.

Deakin Bus Services

The Deakin Bus Services are a free, convenient and sustainable mode of transport for Deakin staff and students, servicing the Geelong campuses. Use the services to travel between the two Geelong campuses or as a free park and ride option to get to campus.

Active Transport

Physical activity is good for your health and the best form of physical activity is that which can be built into daily life as habitual activity. Find out what options and facilities are available to assist and enable you

Deakin share cars

We have Flexicar share vehicles available on our campuses for students and staff.


Find out where to park, how to pay for it, how to get a long-term permit and how to download our parking app.

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