Liftango Frequently Asked Questions

Deakin students can use the Liftango app to carpool to campus.

Why should I use Liftango?

Owning and operating a car by yourself is expensive, our roads are congested, and carbon emissions are rising. Carpooling is one way to make your commute a happier and more sustainable experience for you and the planet. Liftango is an easy, free way to organise shared rides. You do not need to carpool every day; even a couple of times a week makes a difference.

How do I register and what happens next?

  1. Download Liftango from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register an account using your Deakin email address and sign in to create a profile.
  3. Download and register for CellOPark (Deakin’s casual parking permit app).
  4. You are now ready to carpool. Liftango will let you know the best fit for your unique trip needs.
  5. Both the rider and driver have the opportunity to accept the person they are matched with. Once you accept the match, the app will let the driver know where to pick you up and as the driver approaches, the app will let you know they are almost there.
  6. Drive at least 2 kilometres to campus and park in any orange or white bay for free. You will need to use CellOPark to start a parking session; select zone 1040600 - Carpool Only. This means we can check that you have used the Liftango app, and help you avoid a parking infringement.

How does it work?

Once you have registered with your Deakin email address and signed into the app, Liftango matches you with other commuters who have similar commute times and locations. The app supports you throughout the entire pick up and drop off process and is flexible enough to allow you to choose your rides on the days and times best suited to you.

For drivers, the app will provide directions, as well as what time to leave and arrive at their rider’s nominated pick-up point. For riders, the app will let them know that their driver is on their way. You will be able to see your driver's location live one hour before the trip.

Who can use it?

Anyone who is currently enrolled at Deakin as a student or employed by Deakin as a staff member can use Liftango. Make sure you sign up with your Deakin email account.

How much does it cost?

For you, nothing! Deakin covers the subscription fee to make Liftango free for Deakin students and staff to use.

How long does my trip to campus need to be?

You will need to drive at least 2 kilometres from the passenger pickup point to successfully use Liftango and get access to free parking.

How do I use Liftango as a rider?

  1. Download the Liftango app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Register using your Deakin email address and create a profile
  3. The app will show you who is offering a ride, and who is looking for a ride.
  4. Accept the match provided by the app (both the driver and the passenger can accept matches).

How do I use Liftango as a driver?

  1. Download the Liftango app from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  2. Register using your Deakin email address and create a profile
  3. Once you’ve signed into Liftango, the app will show you who is offering a ride, and who is looking for a ride
  4. Accept the match provided by the app (both the driver and the passenger can accept matches)
  5. The in-built navigation function will use Google Maps to guide the driver to the pickup location
  6. You will need to drive at least 2 kms from the pickup point with your passenger to campus
  7. Park in any orange or white bay and use CellOPark to start a parking session. Select zone 1040600 - Carpool Only and you won’t be charged for parking.

Where do I park at Deakin?

You can park in any orange or white bay. To use these spaces, access free parking and avoid infringements, you will need to use Liftango on the day you travel and start a parking session using CellOPark. Select zone 1040600 - Carpool Only.

Do I still need a parking permit?

Yes. You’ll need to start a casual parking session through CellOPark (zone 1040600 - Carpool Only) and use Liftango to organise your drive.

What happens if I can’t find any rider or driver matches?

If you aren't receiving matches, it may be because you are travelling from a location that doesn’t have many users nearby. We encourage you to enter your trip as early as you can (for example a week ahead) to give you the best possible chance of finding a match.

Can I carpool one way?

Yes. Whatever works best for you and your needs.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

You can easily cancel a trip request at any time before you are matched. Once matched, if you need to cancel your trip, be respectful and do so as early as possible through the app. If you need to adjust plans slightly, we encourage you to reach out to your match to see if they might be able to accommodate you. If you cancel a trip after you are matched, you will not be able to reschedule. Frequent cancellations may mean that you lessen your chances of getting a ride.

As a rider, what happens if I get stuck without a ride home?

It’s always best to arrange your ride home in advance and make sure you have a plan B. If your carpool home is cancelled and you are left without a ride home, plan another carpool ride using the Liftango app, or use one of the public transport routes or rideshare options available.

If I have an incident or dispute with another rider or driver, how do we resolve it?

Successful carpool trips rely on good communication, honesty and trust. Carpooling via Liftango is no different to sharing a trip to campus without using the app. Incidents that occur should be handled in the same way as other incidents off campus (i.e., through dialogue with the driver or, in the case of illegal matters, reports to the police).

If required, we ask Liftango users to submit feedback through the "Help" button available in the app. This will go to the Liftango Support team and from there, we will communicate directly with you to reach a resolution.

What personal details do I need to enter in the app?

When you create your profile, your email address, car registration, car make and car model are saved. This is to identify that you are part of Deakin’s trusted network.

Your Liftango profile also includes your email address and phone number. These details are shared only with your match. It’s important for you to have a way to communicate – just in case traffic jams, car breakdowns, or coffee queues hold you up.

What happens with the data I enter?

Your privacy is important and Liftango makes every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information to allow matches.

Liftango’s data handling conforms to all Australian Federal Data Sovereignty and Privacy Act regulations. They do not share data with third parties.

Is Liftango safe to use?

Yes. Safety is our top priority, which is why the Liftango app is exclusively for use only by people in the Deakin network. When you view a potential driver on the app, their profile picture, phone number and email address are displayed, along with their car registration, make and model. When you view a potential rider, their profile picture, phone number and email address are displayed. You do not need to accept a ride if you do not feel safe.

Does Liftango impact my car insurance?

Carpooling with Liftango has no impact on your car insurance.

Who can help me if I have problems with the app?

Please contact

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