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Archived Unit Guides

If you need a unit guide from a previous study period, you can find it on Archives on the Web.

Please note: if you are currently enrolled in a unit, your current unit guide is available through your unit site via DeakinSync. Future unit guides will be available one week prior to the start of the relevant study period.

How to search for a unit guide

  1. Use Google Chrome as your search engine
  2. Go to Archives on the Web
  3. Enter the unit code into the 'record title field'. Unit codes must be entered without spaces (for example SIT101).
  4. If you know it, include the year
  5. If you know it, include the study period 
    For example :  SIT102 2020 T1
  6. Click search or press enter
  7. Go to the 'download' column and click on 'PDF'
Screenshot of search field

Results:Screenshot of search results

To expand your search:

This would be useful if you would like results for a particular unit code or groups of units, with multiple years/study periods.

Common search terms you could use:

  • SIT* 2019
    • This will provide results of all IT units that are from 2019, irrespective of study level or period
  • SLE3* 2018
    • This will provide results of all level 3 LES units from 2018, irrespective of study period
  • SRA1* T1
    • This will provide results of all level 1 Architecture units in trimester 1, irrespective of year

Screenshot of archived unit guides more advanced search field

If you are unable to find unit guide in archives collection

Request archived unit guides

If the unit guide isn’t available in the Archives Collection, please complete the form provided below.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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