ArtsEd Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Support Program provides social and academic support to students in the Faculty of Arts and Education.

The Peer Mentoring Program connects ArtsEd students to students who have progressed further in their degree and are able to share their insights they have learnt along the way. The five-week program facilitates social connections and guidance in accessing academic support and networks to help you feel connected and achieve success in your time at Deakin.

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I want to get guidance and advice on navigating university life.

I want insider tips to succeed at uni.

I want to meet people and make friends.

I want to build my confidence and awareness.

I want to Get a Mentor

I want to support new students with their uni experience.

I want build leadership abilities and transferrable skills.

I want to cultivate and develop relationships.

I want to increase my confidence.

I want to Be a Mentor

I want to access quick mentor support.

I am not a new student but need some advice.

I want to ask a couple of things.

I missed out on the program for this trimester.

I want to Meet a Mentor

Your ArtsEd Mentor will be an experienced student from the Faculty of Arts and Education who genuinely cares about your success. They will be able to share their knowledge, answer your university-related queries as well as provide you guidance on where to access and how to use Deakin's resources and services so that your first trimester or first year at Deakin is less stressful and more enjoyable.

If you would like to be a Mentee in the program, apply here.

Get a Mentor

You, as an ArtsEd Mentor are an experienced student from the Faculty of Arts and Education who is willing to guide new students as they transition into university life.

You are committed to the development of not just your mentee/s, but also yourself, and are eager to listen, share, refer, broaden both your perspectives and network, and make an impact.

If you would like to be a Mentor in the program, apply here.

Be a Mentor

Your ArtsEd Mentors are accessible to you outside of the ArtsEd Peer Mentoring Program duration, regardless of whether you are a new or current student.

You can book a meeting with an ArtsEd Mentor to get advice, navigate challenges or ask a quick question. Consider participating in the program if you would like to see a Mentor more than once.

Book a meeting with an ArtsEd Mentor. Spots are now open.

Meet a Mentor

Got any questions?

What other programs are available to me right now?

As a Deakin student, you have access to different mentoring programs and opportunities to develop your work-ready skills, while making a difference for new students at Deakin and contributing back to the student community.

Likewise, if you are a new student, you get to learn new skills and take on university life in a fun, supportive environment that builds communities and fosters positive engagement.

You can view all mentoring programs available currently at the Students Helping Students Hub.

Students Helping Students Hub

Are there any more ways I can get involved on campus?

Yes. Joining Clubs, Associations and Societies is  a great way to get involved, make like-minded friends, and contribute to the student community. It's also a valuable extra-curricular experience to list on your resume when you are seeking internships or graduate roles.

Clubs and societies are student-led, and each club hosts several events and social functions, fundraisers, and get-togethers each trimester. Here are a couple of discipline-specific Clubs and Societies in the Faculty of Arts and Education, however you can find the full list of clubs at DUSA, or even start your own!

Full list of Clubs and Societies – Deakin University Student Association (DUSA)

Featured Faculty of Arts & Education Clubs & Societies:

  • Burwood Student Theatre Company
  • Anime & Gaming Club
  • Deakin Anime Club
  • Deakin Cheer and Dance Club
  • Deakin Dance Club
  • Deakin Education and Teaching Society
  • Deakin International Affairs Society
  • Deakin Networking and Entrepreneurship Club
  • Deakin Philosophical Society
  • Deakin Study Abroad Club
  • Deakin TV
  • Deakin Visual Art Society
  • Deakin Writers Club
  • Physical Education Student Society
  • Student Theatre and Arts Troupe
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