HDR Confirmation

What is Confirmation?

General confirmation proceedings

Confirmation Proceedings

The University has specific requirements around the time limits for confirmation. They are as follows:

Masters Degree

  • full time must be confirmed within 6 months
  • part time must be confirmed within 12 months

Doctoral Degree

  • confirmation for full time candidates will be scheduled at 9 months and must be completed within 12 months
  • confirmation for part time candidates will be scheduled at 15 months and must be completed within 18 months

Apart from the Faculty information below, you will find additional information about the confirmation on the Deakin Research website

General Questions Underpinning Confirmation

Format of Proceedings for Private Confirmation

Format of Proceedings for Public Confirmation

Faculty Confirmation Proposal and Procedures

Confirmation Panel

Supervisor's Confirmation Responsibilities

Candidate's Confirmation Responsibilities

Faculty Transfer / Upgrade Procedures

Further information for supervisors and chairs is available from the Faculty Research Portfolio

Confirmation reports (staff only)

Sample documents

Possible outcomes of the confirmation process

The flow diagram below shows the possible outcomes from the confirmation process for a PhD student. Students who are not successful first time are given a second chance.

In the case of a Masters student, the flow diagram below is applicable with the removal of the option of transferring to a Masters degree.

If a part two is required, the candidate is required to repeat the confirmation process, including a public presentation.

Progress Support Panel

Further information is available on the HDR resources Progress Support Panels (PSP)

Instructions for confirmation via Zoom

Confirmations conducted via Zoom will use the following format:

  1. Candidate presents for 10-15 minutes
  2. Opportunity for 15-20 minute Q&A from panel
  3. Candidate leaves the meeting for about 20 minutes for the panel to confer
  4. Candidate invited back (with about 10 minutes left) to receive outcome

Downloading Zoom:

  • This link above also has information on connecting to zoom meetings and setting up meetings.

You can log into Zoom using your Deakin University student username and password.

Questions or to confirm the date of a confirmation,  please contact artsed-colloq@deakin.edu.au

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