Application for Internship Travel Grant

This form is for students in the Faculty of Arts and Education completing an approved internship for course credit. 

PLEASE NOTE: All email correspondence will be sent to your Deakin email address.
PLEASE NOTE: You need to be enrolled in your unit before submitting your Travel Grant application form.
Eg: city, town, country.
Eg: Students who receive a Deakin Abroad Travel Grant, Asia-Bound Scholarship, New Colombo Plan, Endeavour Scholarship are ineligible for a Faculty Travel Grant for the same experience. This does NOT include OS-HELP or WIL Student Support Scheme.
Please provide more details on the grant you have applied for or received.
EXPENSES - Please provide details and an estimated cost for each category: 
Eg: Flights, petrol, trains, public transport.
Eg: hotel, homestay, rent, including any rent costs at home that will continue while you are on placement.
(If applicable)
Including work appropriate clothes, stationery, technology, application fees, family care and support required as a result of your absence.
Deakin University is not obliged to provide any funds to assist with my internship. If Deakin does provide funds for any expenses, I agree to repay those funds if I do not complete my internship or my participation in the program is terminated by my host organisation or Deakin University.


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