Mentor program

Our experienced students (Mentors) provide valuable insight and resources to help you succeed in your study. Regardless of how confident you feel socially and academically, there is so much value in being part of our Mentor Program.

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Our Student Peer Mentor Program includes The Successful Mind in Study, Work and Life student guide, developed by Professor Michael E. Bernard. While you learn from your Mentor how to navigate your Deakin journey, you will also learn to develop strategies to empower yourself for success such as Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Time Management, Resilience and more.

You will meet with your Mentor along with a small group of students weekly to talk candidly about the do’s and don’ts of Uni life. You will have the opportunity to attend larger workshops and group discussions and there are social events as well.  Experienced Mentors are also available daily via our Online Drop-In-Station.

Register for our 5 Week Mentor Program
To participate in our 5 Week Mentor Program there is an application process. Applications for  Trimester 2 2021 Mentor Program are now open.

To join our Trimester 2 2021 Mentor Program:

You can join as a

  1. Mentor (experienced student) who will support a group of Mentees
    Apply Here 
  2. Mentee (typically new to Deakin but you can join in your 2nd trimester or later in your studies to gain the support you need from an experienced student Mentor to succeed in your studies)
    Apply Here

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Be inspired! Mentors care and are invested in your success. You can create lasting social connections that continue even after you graduate, so it’s time to maximise your potential.


You don’t need to be new or completing our 5 Week Student Peer Mentor Program to access help from our Mentors. All Business and Law students can contact our Online Drop In Station via email, phone or our Microsoft Teams site.

Phone:  +61 3 924 68476
Mentor Drop In Station MS Teams Site
Events and News, including Drop-in Station opening hours*

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T1 2021 Upcoming Events

Academic Insights

Connect with Academic staff on a range of topics

  • Mondays 2-3pm

More information about these events will be posted on our MS Team site*


We run our 5 Week Student Peer Mentor Program at the start of each trimester which involves a range of group catch ups, social activities and study support. Social activities and dedicated support for students is available throughout each trimester via our Online Drop In Station.

Contact our Online Drop In Station for more details at

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