Faculty wide specialisations (postgraduate)

Complement your primary studies in your course by selecting a faculty-wide specialisation from a wide range of business-related fields. Designed to meet industry demand for skilled professionals with a breadth of transferrable skills, a specialisation can help deepen your knowledge in a particular business field and benefit your future career.

Applied Research – SP‐MDBS001 - B, Online

MPP821 Fundamentals of Research*
MPP822 Fundamentals of Research*
MPP823 Fundamentals of Research*^

*Special enrolment procedures apply. Please contact Student Central for assistance.
^This unit is worth 2 credit points

Accounting – SP‐MDBS002 - B, Online

MPA701 Accounting
MAA703 Accounting for Management 1,2,4

Plus two units from:
MAA716 Financial Accounting 1,2
MAA705 Corporate Auditing 2,3,4MAA725  Advanced Accounting Principles and Practice 1,2
MAA767 Enterprise Value Creation: Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
MLC703 Principles of Income Tax Law 2
MAA789 Accounting Systems and Analytics 1,2

Students enrolled in the following Accounting courses (M720, M742, M780, M794, M749) cannot undertake the specialisation in Accounting.

1 Required by CPA Australia for Associate (foundation level) Membership.
2 Required by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand for entry to the CA Program.
3 For candidates who have completed an accredited degree in Australia, this unit may be taken as part of the CPA program. Required by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand for entry to the CA Program. 4 For candidates who would like to obtain exemptions to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) program.

Artificial Intelligence for Business - SP-MDBS018 - B, Online

MIS714 People Analytics
MIS715 Artificial Intelligence for Accounting and Finance 
MIS716 Artificial Intelligence for Business
MIS710 Machine Learning in Business

Arts and Cultural Industries – SP‐MDBS003 - Online

MMM790 Arts Management
MMK792 Arts Marketing

Plus two units from:
MMM793 Managing Cultural Projects and Events
MMM796 Managing Arts in Community Settings
MMM799 Arts Fundraising and Sponsorship
ACA715 Creating Your Arts Business

NOTE: Students enrolled in M785 Master of Business (Arts and Cultural Management) cannot undertake the specialisation in Arts and Cultural Industries.

Business Analytics – SP‐MDBS004 - B, Online

MIS770 Foundation Skills in Data Analysis
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation

Plus two units from:
MIS772 Predictive Analytics
MIS714 People Analytics
MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database

Business Law - SP-MDBS021 – B, Online

4 units from:

MLM706 Corporate Governance
MLC709 Business Taxation Law and Policy
MLC713 Corporate Insolvency Law and Policy
MLM727 Superannuation Law
MLM717 Financial Services Regulation* or
MLC714 Financial Advice Regulation^ **

* unit has pre-req MLC707 Business Law
^ unit offered in cloud mode only
** unit incompatible with MLI714 and MLM717

Cyberlaw – SP‐MDBS006 - B, Online

MLJ701 Legal Method and Statutory Interpretation
MLM735 Data Law, Policy and Crime
SIT719 Analytics for Security and Privacy
SIT763 Cyber Security Management

Digital Transformation– SP‐MDBS007 - B, Online

MIS712 Managing Digital Transformation
MIS782 Value of Information
MIS741 Ethics of Digital Transformation
MIS776 Design Thinking for Innovation

Event Management - SP-MDBS020 – B, Online

MMM793 Managing Cultural Projects and Events*
MIS798 Project Management
MPK732 Marketing Management

Plus one unit from:
ACG708 Design Thinking and Problem Solving
MIS776 Design Thinking for Innovation

*Offered in online mode only

Finance – SP‐MDBS009 - B, Online

Select any four units from:
MAF702 Financial Markets
MAF703 Applied Corporate Finance
MAF707 Investments and Portfolio Management 
MAF716 Introduction to Fintech 
MAF760 International Finance 
MPF753 Finance

NOTE: Students enrolled in M750 Master of Finance cannot undertake the specialisation in Finance.

Financial Planning– SP‐MDBS010 - B, Online

MAA769/ MAI769 * Ethics for Financial Services
MAA728/ MAI728 ^ Financial Behaviour and Decision Making  
MLC714/ MLI714 ^^ Financial Advice Regulation

Plus one unit from:
MAA745 Financial Planning and Economic Fundamentals
MLC707 Business Law
MLC703 Principles of Income Tax Law

* MAI769 intensive unit is only available to students enrolled in M701, M769, M669, M569, and N002
^ MAI728 intensive unit is only available to students enrolled in M701, M769, M669, M569, M770, M640, M540 and N002
^^MLI714 intensive unit is only available to students enrolled in M769, M669, M569, M770, M640, M540 and N002

To find out whether this specialisation is FAS/Treasury approved and suitable for you, please contact our dedicated Financial Planning Course Advisers to discuss further on +61 3 9251 7969, financial-planning@deakin.edu.au, or book a phone consultation.

Human Resource Management – SP‐MDBS011 - Online

MMH709 Workplace relations
MMH702 Strategic Staffing
MMH704 Managing and Rewarding Performance
MMH701 Human Resource Strategy

Students enrolled in M782 Master of Human Resource Management cannot undertake the specialisation in Human Resource Management.

Information Systems – SP‐MDBS012 - B, Online

MIS701 Digital Business Analysis
MIS782 Value of Information
MIS761 Cybersecurity Strategies
MIS770/MIS770A Foundation Skills in Data Analysis

Students enrolled in M722 Master of Information Systems cannot undertake the specialisation in Information Systems.

International Trade and Business – SP‐MDBS013 - B, Online

One unit from: 
MBA703/ MBT703 The Economic Environment 
MPE781/ MPT781 Economics for Managers

One unit from:
MPM735/MPT735 International Business Management
MPK736 /MPT736 International Marketing

MPE707 International Banking and Finance 
MPE711 Global Trade and Markets

Leadership – SP‐MDBS014 - B, Online

MMH707 Organisational Development and Change
MPM712/ MPT712 Managing Innovation  
MPM779/ MPR779 Leadership in Complexity
MPM780 Foundations in Leadership

Management Consulting– SP‐MDBS005 - B

MPM715 Management and Organisational Consulting
MPT712/ MPM712 Managing Innovation
MIS798 Project Management
MMH707 Organisational Development and Change

Marketing – SP‐MDBS015 - B, Online

One unit from:
MPK732/ MPT732 Marketing Management 
MBT704/ MBA704 Marketing, Positioning and Consumers

MPK713 Consumer Behaviour 
MMK738 Integrated Marketing Communication 
MMK739 Strategic Brand Management

Project Management – SP‐MDBS016 - B, Online

MIS798 Project Management  
MIS778 Agile Project Management    
MMH707 Organisational Development and Change
MIS776 Design Thinking for Innovation

Property and Real Estate– SP‐MDBS017 - Online

MMP713 Property and Real Estate Context
MMP731 Management of Real Estate
MMP732 Property Development
MMP742 Investment Valuation

Public Sector Studies - SP-MDBS019 – B, Online

Select 4 credit points of units from:
AIP704 Making Policy
AIP740 Policy Lessons from Overseas
AIP748 Intergovernmental Relations
AIP773 Governance and Accountability
AIP780 Governing the Economy
AIP785 Political Competition^

^ Previously coded AIP784

Supply Chain Management– SP‐MDBS008 - B, Online

MIS713 Digital Transformation of Supply Chains
MMM710 Business Process and Operations Management 
MIS716 AI Strategies and Applications
MIS761 Cybersecurity Strategy

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