Conditions of use for the a+b studio

The a+b Studio is a 1050 square metre open plan teaching space that provides students with the flexibility required to work on their creative projects. The Studio provides a collective approach to study allowing students to work collaboratively, with all year levels and disciplines.

Conditions of use

The following conditions need to be followed when using the studio:

  • No power tools
  • No concrete or plaster
  • Knives MUST have a retractable blade
  • No spray painting
  • Glue must be either water based, loctite or mercury (Mercury glue can be purchased from the workshop or your local hobby store)
  • No cutting on tables without a cutting board
  • No sleeping on Deakin premises
  • No supporting of unauthorised access to others
  • Respectful and collegial behaviour at all times
  • No standing on chairs or tables
  • No climbing of fixtures.

After-hours access

The studio is open 24 hours, seven days a week, all students are provided with after-hours access to the studio provided they have enrolled and completed the Safety Induction Unit

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