Gender Affirmation at Deakin

Deakin is supportive of its gender diverse staff and students and recognises their right to work and study free of discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification.

Gender diverse is an umbrella term to describe a person’s identity and belief about themselves and preferences for the social role they play. The person’s gender identity could be at odds with their sex assigned at birth, for example, transgender, non-binary (beyond the obvious ‘male’ and ‘female’), genderqueer and others.

Intersex is different to diverse gender. Intersex people are born with physical sex characteristics that don’t fit medical and social norms for female or male bodies.

Preferred name and gender options

When working or studying at Deakin you can select from different sex and gender options. You can also change your name and request a non-binary title and gender listed as ‘MX’.

Students - Change your personal details

Staff - contact your HR Adviser

Dress Code

Deakin supports all staff and students, including trans, gender diverse and non-binary employees and students to dress in a manner that best reflects who they are. . For support and information around dress codes at Deakin please email us at Alternatively if you have concerns around dress codes at Deakin related to harassment and/or discrimination please check out the details on the Harassment and Discrimination tile

All gender toilets

Deakin University provides all gender bathrooms and change rooms on all campuses and recognises that staff and students have the right to use toilets and other facilities appropriate to their affirmed gender.

Each campus has facilities to support our gender diverse staff and students at the following locations:

Melbourne Burwood Campus Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus Geelong Waterfront Campus Warrnambool Campus
F1.08.02 DA1.013, DA2.006AD1.003, AD2.003, AD3.003 E1.64
F1.09.03 IA1.003.1, IA1.003.6AD4.003, AD5.209, AD6.208 E1.65
S1.24 IB2.011, IB3.230, IB4.210C2.031, C2.205
H1.19.03 IC1.009C3.202, C3.205
LA4.104 IJ1.006D1.106.01
LB2.215JB1.219D2.321 (Costa Hall foyer)

JC2.303, JC2.301D3.123.03, D3.109.05, D3.101.02

JC3.206, JC3.109D4.111

KA2.212 (Under Construction)F1.213


KA4.625, KA4.631

KE1.235, KE1.237, KE2.225, KE3.111

LA1.203, LA2.008

NA1.010.1 (Under Construction), NA1.322

NP1.012, NP2.108

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