Training and development

Skill development and knowledge acquisition is an important and ongoing part of being a researcher. Deakin provides support so you can build your research capability. These can be built into your Individual Learning Plan and adapted to your stage of candidature, development needs or career aspirations.

Researcher Development

All of your professional and researcher development and training needs can be found in DeakinHub.

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Individual Learning Plan

Get the most out of your candidature and take control of your study program by building in training and development to help you complete your thesis, and gain valuable knowledge and transferable

PhD Xtra Research Student Training

The PhD Xtra Research Student Training CloudDeakin site provides a wealth of information to support you through all stages of candidature including:

  • >  Orientation
  • >  Induction
  • >  Individual Learning Plan
  • >  Confirmation
  • >  Networking
  • >  Time Management
  • >  Presentation Skills
  • >  Reaching the End

We are here to help

If you are unsure of what training or workshops are best suited to your research project or development goals, please speak to your supervisor.

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