Training and workshops

Deakin offers you the opportunity to deepen your skill and knowledge acquisition by undertaking additional training during your candidature. Through an enhanced learning experience, you will be better equipped to identify learning objectives and pursue your chosen career pathway.

Managing your training

Training components encompass all training activities that you may undertake during your candidature. These may be offered centrally or through your academic unit. A catalogue of Deakin training components can be found through your Individual Learning Plan by adding a learning plan entry or browsing the catalogue. You may also add external training activities and record placements.

Deakin Research training and workshops

A range of training is provided by the Graduate Research Academy for the benefit of research degree students in addition to other study skills support.

Research degree students (and supervisors) are encouraged to attend any workshops that are of interest, and you may like to discuss with your supervisor which workshops will be most useful for you at various stages of candidature. Information about dates, venues and registration is provided below. Please note: workshop places are limited.

The training is also available online where it can be taken at anytime. Workshop materials including orientation, induction, confirmation, networking, time management, presentation skills, and reaching the end can be found in the PhD Xtra Research Student Training CloudDeakin site.

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Confirmation Workshops

These two workshops are three hours in duration and are intended to prepare you for the important step of Confirmation of Candidature, with information about the requirements, and advice on developing the various components of your confirmation document and presentation.

Confirmation workshop 1

Topics covered include: the confirmation process, your research question and planning your research.

Confirmation workshop 2

Topics covered include: time management, presentation skills 1: preparing slides, presentation skills 2: delivery.

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Research Induction (mandatory)

This workshop constitutes a university-wide induction program for HDR candidates, introducing the steps involved in candidature, Deakin’s research profile, facts, figures and important information, an introduction to conducting research, and the skills you will need for finding, managing, monitoring and organising information from the literature and other sources. It is compulsory for all HDR students commencing on or after 31 October 2016 to review the information and successfully complete the online quiz.

HDR Respectful Behaviour (mandatory)

We all have a part to play in creating a safe, respectful and inclusive community. One of your responsibilities as a commencing student is to complete the online HDR Respectful Behaviour training module. All currents students are encouraged to complete the module, and all students commencing on or after 30 September 2020 are required to complete this training as a mandatory component of their program.

Please note: that this module contains discussions of sexual harm, violence and homicide. It may trigger past trauma. If you require help or advice, please seek support through Deakin's Safer Community Service or externally through 1800 Respect.

Research integrity (mandatory)

Research integrity training is compulsory for all HDR candidates, and must be completed before your confirmation of candidature. Please note to pass the training requirement you must complete the online module and quiz in CloudDeakin. Please note there are no face-to-face workshops for this training requirement.

Reaching the end/Reaching out

This series is aimed at people in the middle and late stages of candidature, with information about developing your profile as a researcher, planning a career, and approaching thesis submission and examination. This workshop includes: networking principles, networking strategies, examination process and outcomes and completing your thesis.

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Effective Researchers

Interactive workshops that support your candidature by focusing on personal effectiveness, building resilience, motivation and productivity techniques, project management, virtual presentation skills, working with your supervisors and other topics.

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Study Support workshops and resources

Study Support is your partner in your HDR journey. We offer online resources and Thesis Study Groups which focus on many aspects of thesis researching and writing.

As a HDR student, you are automatically enrolled into the Study Support CloudDeakin site. You can access learning materials to support all stages of your candidature on your HDR journey.

For further information on the HDR Study Support CloudDeakin site and Thesis Study Groups/workshops, visit Study Support.

Note: Deakin staff members please contact eSolutions to access the HDR site.

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