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Bowater Trust Medal

Awarded annually to the best all-round undergraduate Deakin Business School completing student.

Bowater Trust Medal

Each year high-achieving students are invited to apply for the prestigious Bowater Trust Medal. Finalists are interviewed and the winner is selected by a panel including a representative of the Bowater Trust.

Formerly known as the Bowater Medal and HS Archdall Medal, the Bowater Trust Medal is awarded annually to a Deakin Business School graduate who is considered the best all-round undergraduate student for academic merit, extra-curricular activities and ambassadorial qualities.

Deakin Business School, in consultation with the Bowater Trust, shortlists the highest achieving graduates, who are then invited to make a submission to a panel comprised of Deakin Business School academic staff and a Bowater Trust representative. Final selection of the 'Deakin Business School Graduate of the Year' is made after an interview process.

Past winner profile

Brad Underhill - Bowater Trust Medallist 2017

Brad completed a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Commerce double degree in 2016 achieving a high distinction average with majors in history, Australian studies and economics.

During his time at Deakin, Brad was highly engaged as an academic mentor, member of the Deakin Commerce Students’ Society and finalist of the nation-wide university competition, The Big Idea 2014.

He is immensely committed to increasing social wellbeing and actively supports several not-for-profit organisations as board member and volunteer camp leader for Licola Wilderness Village, volunteer youth mentor for Whitelion, and secretary of the Vermont Lions Club which serve to support disadvantaged sections of the community.

As he currently completes an Honours thesis on the co-operative movement in Papua New Guinea and its contribution to their rapid economic and social changes in the post-war period, Brad’s passion for public policy, social obligation and economic debate surrounding equality of opportunity continues to grow.

Bowater Trust Medal honour board

The Bowater Trust Medal has been awarded each year since 1998. Previously it was called the Archdall Medal, then the Bowater Medal.

We are very proud of the academic achievements of our past winners, chosen as ambassadors for the Deakin Business School.

2023    Jill Absolom
2022    Benjamin Kenworthy
2021    Joshua Ball
2020    Simon O'Loughlin
2019    Emma Black and Catherine Mason
2018    Chelsey Taylor
2017    Brad Underhill
2016    Courtney Dufty and Benjamin O'Sullivan
2015    Ellen Crocker and Steffan Irugalbandara
2014    Amy Bilton and Melissa Cameron
2013    Stephanie Moloney
2012    Rachel Krasky
2011    Hannah Macdougall
2010    Lakmini de Silva
2009    Jenelle Morton
2008    Naomi MacLean
2007    Stephen Evans
2006    Arwen Tisch

2005    Rachel Jones
2003    Lisa Humphries
2002    Peter Cullinan
2001    Robert Richard
2000    Chin Tee Tan
1999    Jenny Smallwood
1998    Larelle Woods and Lucy Kardas
1997    Jodie Black
1996    Sandra Hillas Wilcox
1995    Todd Bryers
1994    Janis Wells
1993    Kerryn Mansell
1992    Robert Argieri
1991    Elizabeth Hunger
1990    Clare Walker
1989    Merrilyn Hotchkin
1988    Lydia Borrino

Bowater Trust

This public trust was established in 1988 with an endowment by the Bowater Corporation of Australia Limited of $250 000. The Trust is also supported by public donation. Under the terms of the Trust, annual income from the Trust funds may be used (by Deakin Business School staff only) for a variety of purposes such as seminars, lectures and conferences, research projects, published reports, equipment and facilities and activities which may not be possible under normal funding provisions.

The Bowater Trustees

  • Prof Amanda Pyman (Chair)
  • Dr Wendy Webber
  • Emeritus Professor Darrell Mahoney
  • Mr Kevin Thomas
  • Ms Catherine Mason
  • Mr Joshua Ball
  • Secretary: TBC

Recent projects

  • Research trimester grants for staff.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.
  • Study of corporate social responsibility in professional sport $5800.
  • Study of social sustainability in housing markets $5912.
  • Increasing investment in sustainability in the built environment $12,000.
  • Deakin Bowater Trust Outstanding (Staff) Contributor Prize $2000.
  • The Bowater Trust Medal $5,000: The Bowater Medal is awarded each year to the Deakin Business School deemed to be most deserving of the title Bowater Graduate of the Year.
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