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NCP Scholarships application timeline

Your New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship journey, from application to becoming part of the alumni network, will have several milestones.

  1. Attend a NCP scholarship information session

    Our information session will help you understand the full scholarship application process. The whole process takes around 7 months so, you need to be committed.

  2. Submit your application to Deakin

    Your application starts on the Deakin Abroad Application Portal where you will upload your course plan, outline of NCP scholarship experience, CV and response to the NCP scholarship selection criteria. Don't forget to hit the 'submit' button.

  3. Complete a video interview

    After you submit your written application, you will receive a link to complete a video interview, which will conclude your NCP scholarship application to Deakin.

  4. Assessment of applications

    The Deakin Abroad team will assess all applications and video interviews to create a preliminary shortlist of 20–25 applicants.

  5. Pre-nomination workshop

    If you are preliminary shortlisted you will attend a pre-nomination workshop.This workshop will help you further visualise your goals and learn more about preparing for a trimester abroad.

  6. Deakin nominates 15 applicants

    Deakin will nominate the top 15 applicants to the NCP to represent the University. Deakin Abroad will assist you with all supporting documentation for your application.

  7. Nominee application workshop

    All nominees must attend a compulsory application workshop held by Deakin Abroad and DeakinTALENT. This workshop will help you refine and enhance your application prior to submission to the NCP.

  8. Submit your application to New Colombo Plan

    You will then receive an official application from the NCP. The Deakin Abroad and DeakinTALENT teams will work with you to ensure that you submit your best application before the deadline.

  9. Nominee interview workshop

    After applications have closed, you will attend a compulsory interview workshop.

  10. NCP will assess applications

    The NCP then assesses all applications and shortlisted nominees are invited to attend an interview in Canberra.

  11. Application outcome

    A few weeks after the Canberra interviews, nominees are notified of their application outcome. If you are successful, you will attend an awards ceremony in Canberra. Congratulations, you are now a NCP Scholar!

  12. Prepare for your NCP experience

    As a NCP Scholar, you will work with Deakin Abroad to ensure your outgoing study plan, enrolment and other pre-departure paperwork are complete prior to leaving the country.

  13. Enjoy your NCP experience!

  14. NCP alumni

    When your NCP experience finishes, you become a NCP alumni. You can stay connected to the NCP and access exclusive professional development and networking opportunities. You will also be called on to support future NCP scholarship applicants.

Contact us

If you have a question about the New Colombo Plan program please email us.