A Deakin study abroad student takes in the view from a hilltop in Fiji

Global Citizenship Volunteering projects are designed to introduce you to new people and places,  expand your understanding of different cultures throughout the world and engage with unique communities.

These projects run for 2–3 weeks in both the inter-trimester break (June/July) and trimester 3 (Nov-Feb). Projects are open to students from all faculties and can involve credit. Read through the volunteering booklet for more information.

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To see what Global Citizenship Volunteering is all about check out the following video from a project in Fiji:

Recently, Deakin students contributed to a Malawi volunteering project:

How to apply for a Volunteering Program

Research all the programs on offer on our application portal. Once you have found a program you wish to undertake simply click the apply button and log in with your student details. Make sure you complete the application questions and digitally sign the student agreement. After you have applied, the Deakin Abroad Volunteering Team will be in contact with you to inform you about the next steps. One of the next steps will be booking a meeting with your course advisor to find out if you can undertake the program for academic credit. Preference will be given to students undertaking the program for credit. For enquiries regarding Volunteering Programs please email volunteer-abroad@deakin.edu.au

Earning course credit for volunteering

Deakin offers some of the following units for overseas volunteering projects to eligible students. Please speak with your faculty course advisor to check eligibility.

Faculty of Arts & Education APE201 Individual Professional Project Level 2 Elective Unit
Faculty of Business & Law

MWL201 Community Based Volunteering

MWL202 Team Projects

Level 2 Elective Init
(pre-approved for GCP Volunteering programs)
Level 2 Elective Unit

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

SLE225 Global Environmental Placement

STP341 Career Placement

Level 2 elective unit
Elective unit for Science students

Deakin student volunteers pose with Fijians in front of school they jointly built

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