Work-Integrated Learning

Deakin students take in a hilltop view of Seoul, South Korea

UPDATE from Deakin Abroad (25 March): COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to cause uncertainty around the world, leading to the Australian Governments issuing a worldwide travel advisory of “Do not travel”. In response to this, Deakin University has made the decision to suspend all mid-year Deakin Abroad programs. We will continue to monitor the situation and we hope to provide an update on T3 programs by the end of June 2020.

A Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) program is an arrangement between you, your faculty and an employer that enables experiential learning such as an internship, practicum or placement. WIL programs may require previous study in the relevant discipline and have specific goals attached to your course as well as skill development objectives. These programs are generally unpaid and may require you to complete a specified number of work hours. The negotiated program usually involves specific tasks or a project monitored by a supervisor in the workplace.

The information provided on this page is intended to help you find an international internship within your field of study.

Search for WIL programs

How can you apply for a WIL program?

Research all the programs on offer on our application portal. Once you have found a program you wish to undertake simply click the apply button and log in with your student details. Make sure you complete the application questions and digitally sign the student agreement. After you have applied we will be in contact to inform you about the next steps. One of the next steps will be booking a meeting with your course advisor to find out if you can undertake the program for academic credit.

How can you fund your WIL program?

OS-Help is an option for students who meet the eligibility criteria. Check your Faculty's WIL website for info on scholarships. When your internship has been approved by your Faculty, you must register your program/travel dates and ensure you complete the pre-departure module at least one month prior to departure.

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