Maths Mentors

We might just be able to FOIL your maths worries.

Are you looking for help to understand maths concepts? Maths Mentors is a mentoring program designed to address maths confidence and offer you help when you need it.

Maths Mentors are not tutors or teachers; they are Deakin students trained to ask questions and help you find the answers.

If you need assistance, Maths Mentors are available online via drop-in sessions. Outside these hours, you can send your questions and our Maths Mentors will get back to you.


Can Maths Mentors help with my assignments?

Maths Mentors can help you understand the maths concepts needed for you to complete your own assignments with increased confidence.

Are there any online resources I can access to help me understand maths concepts?

Yes.  Our Maths Support Resource Centre contains links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff. You'll find sites with notes, examples, videos, and practice questions.

What if I am not available to go to Maths Mentors during the drop-in times?

Send your questions and our Maths Mentors will get back to you.

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