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About Students Helping Students

No one knows what it’s like to be a student better than students do. This is one of the reasons that peer mentoring – when one trained and experienced student helps another student – is such an important part of Deakin.

About Students Helping Students

At Deakin, peer mentoring programs are collectively referred to as Students Helping Students (SHS).

SHS programs play a crucial role in helping students to become more successful and engaged in academic, social, and practical ways.

Mentors as well as mentees enjoy a sense of belonging and community because of the mentoring experience. Learning happens through dialogue and exchange in academic, practical, and social ways. Both formal and incidental learning happens everywhere at Deakin, across campuses and online.

A peer mentor may mean the difference between you passing and failing a subject, getting through a rough patch, or simply navigating something new and different that you’ve encountered at uni.

If you haven’t met with a peer mentor at Deakin, it might be difficult to know how a mentoring program can help you and which one is suitable for your needs.

Our programs

New students

A faculty peer mentor or success coach (for online students) can help you settle in and make a great start at university. More information on faculty peer mentor programs:

Understanding content

For help with a specific unit of study, you can join a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) group led by a student who has previously completed the unit with high marks.


A writing mentor can help unpack assignment questions, researching, academic writing, referencing and time management.

Maths equations and concepts

A maths mentor can help you build confidence to complete maths assignments and can refer you to helpful resources that will strengthen your skills.

Help for online students

Success coaches support associate degree, undergraduate and postgraduate online students in their first trimester at Deakin.

What students say about peer mentoring

Deakin SHS Testimonial - Georgie Button

Deakin Students Helping Students

Contact us

If you have a question about a peer mentoring program, submit the online form and we will be in touch.