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Select your Business & Law unit below to view links to maths resources relating to that unit. If your unit is not listed, check the General Business & Law Maths Support section for maths resources on a variety of topics.

General Business & Law Maths Resources

Resource SiteLinkResource Type
Maths is Fun Maths is FunSimple to complex maths explanations and activities.
MathscastsMathscastsAccess to a series of videos on foundation maths activities.
Revision MathsRevision MathsFree maths revision resources to help you with revision of high school maths. This covers a range of topics including: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measure, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.
James Cook University maths supportJames Cook University - Maths SupportEasy-to-understand explanatory notes, worked examples and exercises for each topic.
RMIT maths supportRMIT - maths supportLinks to explanations and resources on a variety of maths.


TopicLinkResource Type
Financial BudgetsDouble Entry Bookkeeping - Adjusting Journal EntriesWorked examples.
Fixed and variable costsCorporate Finance Institute - Fixed and Variable CostsExplanation of terms and examples.
Income statementCorporate Finance Institute - Income StatementWritten explanation with examples.
StatisticsYouTube - Crash Course - What is StatisticsVideo crash course in statistics.

Maths is Fun - Using and Handling DataWritten explanation and worked examples.
Transposing equationsUniversity of East Anglia - Rearranging EquationsWritten explanation of how to transpose equations.


TopicLinkResource Type
AlgebraKhan Academy - AlgebraAn Algebra boot camp for your brain! A series of Algebra modules ranging from foundations, equations and inequalities to quadratics and irrational numbers. Video series, practice questions, quizzes.
ApplicationsEconomist Network - Maths FormulaWritten explanation summary of economics.
Expanding bracketsMaths is Fun - ExpandingClear explanation on expanding brackets.
Fractions: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividingRMIT - FractionsHow to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions as well as how to convert between decimals and fractions. Video series, worked examples.
Fractions: generalMaths is Fun - FractionsLinks to everything you will need in the part world of fractions... Text, examples, practice questions and an interactive fraction pizza!
Gradient and interceptDesmos - Graphing CalculatorGraphing Tool - Graphing calculator for any equation.

YouTube - Khan Academy - Slope-intercept formExplanation with example - Includes y = mx + C along with explanation.
IndicesMaths is Fun - Introduction to IndicesIndex laws with a great range of practice questions each with worked solutions. Text, practice questions.
Solving equationsYouTube - Maths Antics - Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 1Video series.


TopicLinkResource Type
Functions & GraphingRMIT - Functions & GraphsSeries of written information and problems explained.
Principles of MicroeconomicseBook - Principles of MicroeconomicseBook - read through Graphs, pp 39 – 49.


TopicLinkResource Type
AlgebraKhan Academy - AlgebraVideos, Practice Questions - Includes all levels of algebra on the Khan Academy website.


TopicLinkResource Type
Algebra SummationColombia University - Summation NotationWritten explanation of steps - Summation laws  and meaning of the summation notation.
Hypothesis testingYouTube - Statistics How To - Hypothesis TestingVideo of worked example - hypothesis video using the Z score and z test.
Multiple linear regressionKanopy - Multiple Linear RegressionVideo explanation.
Probability, linear regressionStatistics Solutions - ProbabilityWritten explanation and definitions - Basic additive and multiplicative laws and meaning of probability vocabulary.

Khan Academy - Constructing a probability distribution for random variableVideo explanation of examples - Calculating Probability distribution tables.
RegressionYale University - Linear RegressionText explanation and examples.
Standard Deviation/Mean/MedianBMJ - Mean & Standard DeviationWritten explanation of each.

YouTube - Statistics is Fun - How to Calculate Standard Deviation and VarianceStep by step video tutorial.

Maths is Fun - Standard DeviationWritten explanation of each.
Standard Deviation/Mean/Median - using excelYouTube - Statistics is Fun - How to calculate Standard Deviation, Mean, Variance Statistics, ExcelVideo of calculating the mean and standard deviation using Microsoft Excel formulas.
StatisticsRMIT - Statisticswritten explanation and worked examples.
t-stats calculationUniversity of Connecticut - t TestPowerPoint explanation.
Time seriesKanopy - Time Series AnalysisVideo explanation.


TopicLinkResource Type
Algebraic SimplificationKhan Academy - Algebravideo and worked examples.
Game TheoryBrilliant - Game TheoryWritten explanation and examples.

YouTube - Yale University - Game Theory LecturesGame theory lectures from Yale - video lecture, worked examples.
IndicesRevision Maths - IndicesRevision notes for indices with examples.
Microeconomics/TransposingStuDocu - Microeconomics Cheat SheetCheat sheet for formulae used in microeconomics.


TopicLinkResource Type
Annuities and multiple cash flowInvestopedia - Calculating Present and Future Value of AnnuitiesPV and FV of ordinary annuity and annuity due - Text and Worked examples.
Constant vs annual annuityMaths is Fun - AnnuitiesWritten explanation with examples.
Coupon BondsXPlained - Bond PriceBond pricing with annual and semi-annual coupon payments - Text and worked examples.
Excel pivot tablesYouTube - Excel Campus - Introduction to :Pivot tablesVideo example and worked examples.
Exponents and logarithmsMaths is Fun - Exponents & LogarithmsWritten explanation and practice activities.
Financial Calculations and ProfilesVISSF - Risk Profile CalculatorOnline calculator for financial risk with explanation.
Financial CalculatorYouTube - Financeization - Financial Calculator Part 1 - Setting upText and worked examples.

YouTube - Financeization - Financial Calculator Part 2 - Basic PV and FVText and worked examples.
Financial Maths - percentages and formulaeCambridge - Principles of Financial MathematicsWorkbook with explanations and sample activities.
Formatting tables and equations in WORDTeachUComp - Insert table Formulas in WordWritten instructions and videos on how to do this.
Logs and LimitsYouTube - MathCabin - Limits of Logarithmic FunctionsVideo explaining worked sample.
Lump sum/compound equationsTVMCalcs - Mathematics of Lump SumsWritten explanation with sample equations.
Modelling time series plots in excel and working out what model to use on which data.Jalayer Academy - Excel - Time Series Forecasting - Part 1 of 3Video and worked examples.
Money Reserves, Fractional Banking SystemsKhan Academy - Overview of Fractional Reserve BankingVideo example and how use them.
Present value & future valueKhan Academy - Time Value of MoneyTime value of money concept explained from scratch - Video explanation of time and money - present and future value.
Simple/compound interestKhan Academy - Introduction to Simple Interestvideo with explanations and worked examples.

Maths is Fun - Compound InterestPractice questions.
Tax calculations ATO - Simple Tax CalculatorStep by step how to of calculating tax by ATO.


TopicLinkResource Type
Compound interestThe Calculator Site - Compound Interest FormulaCompound interest formula and detailed explanation - Text and worked examples.
Currency conversionMaths is Fun - CurrenciesMoney conversion explained in detail - Text, worked examples and practice questions.
Financial marketsFree Math Help - Finance MathFinancial lessons on annuities, compound interest, future value, P/E Ration and Present Value - Text and worked examples.
Ratio analysisKhan Academy - Introduction to RatiosRatio analysis from scratch - Video, worked examples and practice questions.
Simple and compound interestKhan Academy - Introduction to Simple InterestIntroduction to Simple Interest concept and explanation - Video, worked examples and practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
AlgebraRMIT - AlgebraVideo explanation and practice worksheets.

Maths is Fun - AlgebraCovers a series of sub-topics under algebra to provide the student with a vast knowledge on algebra from the very basic lessons - Worked examples and Text.
Compound interestKhan Academy - Introduction to Compound InterestDetails about compound interest with basic compound interest calculations - Text/Worked examples/Practice questions/Videos.
Compound interest calculatorCalculator Soup - Compound Interest CalculatorAn online calculator that helps students to double check the answers for questions related to compound interests when solving problems - Online software.
Financial mathFree Math Help - Finance MathProvides a basic summary on the lessons annuities, compound interests,future value, present value - Worked examples and Text.
Future value/ present and future bondsFree Math Help - Finance MathProvides a detailed description about present value and future value - Worked examples and Text.
Normal, binomial distrubutions /sampling / CIKhan Academy - Binomial DistributionDescription on how to calculate the binomial distribution - Worked examples/Text/Video.


TopicLinkResource Type
Data (F value)Statistics How To - F Statistic Value TestVideo and explanation with examples.
Derivatives - Chain Rule - Many steps… Khan Academy - Introduction to the Chain RuleVideo explanation and examples.
Linear data analysis, regression linesStatistics How To - Find a Linear Regression EquationCalculating  the gradient and y intercept of the regression line with examples - Written explanation and examples.
Payoff Tables, Box-plot Probabilities, interquartile ranges and quartilesKhan Academy - Interquartile Range ReviewVideo explanation.
Sample and PopulationsYouTube - Further Maths - Samples and Populations (Statistics)Video explanation.
Statistics p-value, t-testRMIT - Statisticshypothesis testing with both p test and t tests - Written explanation of a variety of statistics.

Statistics How To - t TestT test written explanation with worked examples.
z and t values when to use theseKhan Academy - Z Statistics Vs T Statistics

Stack Exchange - When to Use T Value or Z Value
Z-scores, continuous distributionRMIT - StatisticsThis link contains information about hypothesis testing, z values and p values.
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