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Select your SEBE unit below to view links to maths resources relating to that unit. If your unit is not listed, check the General SEBE Maths Support section for maths resources on a variety of topics.

General SEBE Maths Resources

Resource SiteLinkResource Type
Maths is Fun Maths is FunSimple to complex maths explanations and activities.
MathscastsMathscastsAccess to a series of videos on foundation maths activities.
Revision MathsRevision MathsFree maths revision resources to help you with revision of high school maths. This covers a range of topics including: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measure, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.
James Cook University maths supportJames Cook University - Maths SupportEasy-to-understand explanatory notes, worked examples and exercises for each topic.
RMIT maths supportRMIT - maths supportLinks to explanations and resources on a variety of maths
University of ColoradoUniversity of Colorado - SimulationsSimulation activities for a variety of maths, chemistry and physics concepts at varying levels of difficulty.


TopicLinkResource Type
Calculating gradientRevision Maths - Gradients and GraphsDetailed description on how to calculate the gradient of a curve and a straight line - Text, video, worked example
Calculating uncertaintiesWikiHow - Calculate UncertaintyA wikiHow on calculating uncertainties - Text, worked example
Circuits and Ohm's lawKhan Academy - Circuits Part 1Series with videos, worksheets and practice questions to hone your skills covering circuits and Ohm's Law. Video series, practice questions, quizzes
Coulomb's lawKhan Academy - Electric Charge, Electric Force & VoltageSal Khan's physics unit covering Electric charge, field and potential. Video series.
Moment of inertiaSkyCiv - Moment of Inertia CalculatorMoment of inertia and centroid calculator. Online software
Motion graphsYouTube - Jennifer Cash - Interpreting Motion GraphsMotion graphs: position vs time, velocity vs time and acceleration vs time. Video
Voltmeters and AmmetersKhan Academy - Voltmeters and Ammetersvideo explanation and worked examples.
Vectors and trigonometryMaths is Fun - VectorsBasics of vectors; addition, subtraction, dot product and cross product. Text, examples, practice questions, vectors widget
Velocity, acceleration, relative speed and distanceYouTube - Derek Owens - Physical Science 1.3cComplete chapter of videos covering Velocity, Acceleration, Graphing and Conversions. Video series.


Text, worked example

TopicLinkResource Type
Coriolis effect National Geographic - Coriolis EffectNational Geographic's encyclopaedic entry on the Coriolis effect. Text, slide show.
Graphical acceleration analysisUniversity of Arizona - Graphical Acceleration AnalysisGraphical method for acceleration analysis for planar mechanisms.Text, worked example
Graphical velocity analysisUniversity of Arizona - Graphical VelocityGraphical method: four-bar, sliding collar, crank, instantaneous centres. Text, worked example
Rigid-body dynamicsReal World Physics Problems - Rigid Body DynamicsRigid-body dynamics, equations of motion.Text, worked example
Velocity and acceleration loopReal World Physics Problems - Velocity & AccelerationVelocity and acceleration in terms of angular velocity, angular acceleration, relative velocity and relative acceleration.Text, worked example.


TopicLinkResource Type
Engineering Modelling YouTube - patrickJMT - Integration using U-SubstitutionIntegration using U substitution.Videos with worked example
Homogeneous second order linear differential equationsYouTube - patrickJMT - Homogeneous second order linear differential equationsShort video on solving homogeneous second order linear differential equations. Videos with worked example
LaplaceYouTube - patrickJMT -The Laplace Transform - The Basic Idea of How We Use ItThe first in a series of videos explaining the Laplace transform. Videos with worked example
Method of Undetermined CoefficientsYouTube - patrickJMT - Method of Undetermined Coefficients/ 2nd Order Linear DESolving a 2nd order linear non-homogeneous differential equation using the Method of Undetermined Coefficients. Videos with worked example.
ODE's - solve using integrating factors YouTube - patrickJMT - Integrating Factor to Solve a Differential EquationIntegrating factors to solve ODE. Videos with worked example
Separable first order differential equationsYouTube - patrickJMT - Solving Separable First Order Differential Equations - Ex 1Solving separable first order differential equations. Videos with worked example.


Text, examples, practice questions

TopicLinkResource Type
Conversion between decimal, fractions and percentages Maths is Fun - Decimals, Fractions and PercentagesCovers conversions between decimals, fractions, and percentages. Text, examples, practice questions.
GeometryMaths is Fun - GeometryGeometry springboard with links to Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. Texts, images and links.
Greek number systemMacTutor - Greek Number SystemsUsing the Greek number systems; the Greek alphabet and symbols. Text, examples.
Multiples and factorsAMSI - Multiples, Common Multiples And The LCMMultiples and factors. Includes Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), powers, tests for divisibility and more. Text, examples, practice questions.
Roman numeralsMaths is Fun - Roman NumeralsHow to read and write Roman Numerals - CI. Text, examples, practice questions, conversions tool.
TessellationsMaths is Fun - TessellationsA great site explaining tessellations and a link to a Tessellation Artist widget. Text, images and tessellation programs.


TopicLinkResource Type
Algebra Khan Academy - AlgebraAn Algebra boot camp for your brain! A series of Algebra modules ranging from foundations, equations and inequalities to quadratics and irrational numbers. Video series, practice questions, quizzes.
CalculusHELM WorkbooksQuadratics, Exponents, Differentiation, Integration and so much more! This is an excellent resource presented as a series of workbooks. Workbook, practice questions.
IndicesLaerd Mathematics - Indices & the Law of IndicesIndex laws with a great range of practice questions each with worked solutions. Text, practice questions.
Linear EquationsMaths is Fun - Systems Linear EquationsWritten explanation and examples.
LogarithmsMaths is Fun - LogarithmsThe perfect introduction to logarithms. Steps you through the relationship between logs and exponents and links to more. Text, examples, practice questions.
TrigonometryRMIT - TrigonometryTrigonometry covering Pythagoras' theorem, right angled triangles, sine/cosine and trigonometric equations. Video series and booklet with practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Basic theoretical probabilityKhan Academy - Probability Libraryvideo explanation and practice problems.
Confidence intervals Loughborough University - Statistics LeafletsStudent guide to Statistics presented as a series of leaflets. Includes confidence intervals, t-tests and chi-squared tests. Text, examples, practice questions.
ProbabilityKhan Academy - ProbabilityA program of videos, fact sheets and quizzes to master probability. Video series, practice questions, quizzes.
Statistical calculatorCalculator Soup - Descriptive Statistics CalculatorOnline calculator that generates descriptive statistics. The link includes formulas and definitions. Online calculator, text.
StatisticsSouthern Cross University - StatisticsIntroduction to Statistics covering data, graphs, measures of central tendency. Text, practice questions, solutions and videos.
Statistics and ProbabilityYouTube - Swinburne - StatsCastsStatsCasts - YouTube videos for statistics support. Video series.


TopicLinkResource Type
Integers Khan Academy - Whole Numbers IntegersIntegers - the basics. Khan Academy worksheet and questions.
Limits, derivatives, integrals and more!YouTube - patrickJMT - ChannelPatrickJMT Math Channels video series on limits, derivatives and integrals. Video series.
MatricesKhan Academy - Introduction to the MatrixSal Khan on the Introduction to Matrices - with a hint of Keanu. Video, worksheets, practice questions.

Loughborough University - WorkbookWritten explanations and workbook.
Modular ArithmeticBrilliant - Modular ArithmeticModular Arithmetic - remainders, congruence, addition, multiplication etc. Text, examples, practice questions.
Proof by inductionKhan Academy - Proof by InductionProof of finite arithmetic series formula by induction. Khan Academy video.
Sigma notationKhan Academy- Sigma Notation SumExplaining the Sigma Symbol and summation notation. Khan Academy video and text.
Truth Tables and Logical EquivalenceMillersville University - Truth Tables, Tautologies, and Logical EquivalencesTruth tables, logical equivalence and tautologies. Text, worked examples and summary.


TopicLinkResource Type
calculusLoughborough University - WorkbookWritten explanations and workbook.
Derivatives: Quotient and Product Rule Lamar University - Product Quotient RulePaul's Online Notes working through the Product and Quotient Rule. Text and examples.
FunctionsYouTube - Mathantics - Algebra Basics: What Are Functions?Introductions to functions and the general terms used. Videos with worked examples.
Geometry and vectorsRMIT - VectorsWritten explanation and examples
Integration methodsKhan Academy - Integral CalculusKhan academy "course" on integrals, includes various integration methods. Video series, worksheets and practice questions.
LimitsMaths is Fun - LimitsIntroduction to limits. Text, examples, practice questions.
Maclaurin and Taylors SeriesKhan Academy - Maclaurin and Taylors SeriesExplanation of Maclaurin and Taylor series. Video series, worksheets and practice questions.
Newton-Raphson methodYouTube - ExamSolutions - How to use the Newton Raphson methodHow to use the Newton-Raphson method. Worked examples explained through videos.
Partial fractionsLamar University - Partial FractionsIntegration by Partial Fractions. Text and examples.
Simpsons and Trapezoidal  RulesImperial College London - Numerical Methods: The Trapezium Rule and Simpson's RuleNumerical methods of integration using Simpson's and the Trapezium rules. Text and examples.
Trig functions and applications with trianglesKhan Academy - Basic TrigonometryTrigonometric ratios and triangles. Video series, worksheets and practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Algebra Loughborough University - HELM WorkbooksBasic Algebra, functions, equations, inequalities and so much more! This is an excellent resource presented as a series of workbooks.  Workbook, practice questions.
Complex numbersYouTube - Derek Owens - Complex NumbersIntroduction to complex numbers with worked examples. Access to part 2. Videos with worked examples.
MatricesKhan Academy - Introduction to the MatrixIntroductions to functions and the general terms used. Videos with worked examples.
Set theoryYouTube - Worldwide Centre of  Mathematics - Intro to SetsSeries of videos covering sets, subsets and functions. Video series.
Vectors and their applicationsYouTube - High School Physics Explained - Understanding VectorsVectors and vector addition summarised in a video with worked examples. Videos with worked examples.


TopicLinkResource Type
Affine ciphers Crypto Corner - Affine CipherWebsite stepping through the concept of Affine ciphers with an example/cipher generator to play with. Text, cipher widget.
Chinese remainder theoremYouTube - Randell Heyman - The Chinese Remainder Theorem made EasyA worked example showing the CRT step by step. Videos with worked examples.
Euclidean AlgorithmYouTube - GVSUMath - The Euclidean AlgorithmStep by step video finding the gcd of two numbers using the Euclidean Algorithm. Videos with worked example.
Euler's TheoremYouTube - Randell Heyman - Euler's Theorem Made EasyEuler's theorem worked through with three examples. Goes through the notation, examples and provides links to additional videos. Videos with worked examples.
Extended Euclidean Algorithm - Fast Modular ExponentiationUniversity of Colorado Denver - The Extended Euclidean TheoremStep by step on how to find the gcd of two integers using the Extended Euclidean Algorithm. Text, worked example.
Polynomial Long DivisionMaths is Fun - Polynomial Long DivisionPolynomial long division Maths is Fun style. Text, video examples, practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
ANOVA Maths and Statistics - One Way ANOVA By HandANOVA testing example by hand or excel.  Worked example and "how to" video.  
Differential equationsRMIT - Differential EquationsFirst order linear, second order homogeneous and non-homogeneous differential equations. Worksheets.
Double integralsKhan Academy - Double IntegralsDouble integrals over varying regions. Text, video, practice questions.
Lagrange multipliers and optimisationKhan Academy - Lagrange Multipliers and Constrained OptimisationLagrange multipliers and optimisation theory and practice. Video series, practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors HELM Workbook – Eigenvalues and EigenvectorsEigenvalues and eigenvectors; concepts, applications and numerical determination.  Workbook, practice questions.
Gaussian and Gauss-Jordan EliminationYouTube - Bri The Math Guy - Gaussian Elimination and Gauss Jordan Elimination (Gauss Elimination Method)Quick summary on what you need to know for Gauss and Gauss-Jordan elimination. Video with worked examples.
Gram-Schmidt and Vector SpacesMIT - Linear Algebra Lecture SeriesA series of videos produced by MIT covering matrices. Lecture 17: orthogonal matrices and Gram-Schmidt. Video series.
Matrices & DeterminantsMaths is Fun - Matrix DeterminantClear explanation on 2x2 and 3x3 matrix determinant calculation. Text, examples, practice questions
Matrix solution of equationsLoughborough University - Matrix Solution of EquationsMatrix solution of equations using Cramer's Rule, inverse matrix method and Gaussian elimination. Workbook, practice questions.
Set Theory Relations - Symmetry, Reflexivity and TransitivityYouTube - Trefor Bazett - Reflexive, Symmetric, and Transitive Relations on a SetReflexive, Symmetric and Transitive Relations on a set. Videos with worked examples.
Vector SpacesYouTube - Adam Panagos - Linear Algebra Example Problems - Vector Space Basis Example #1Vector spaces and calculation for basic linearly independent vectors. Videos with worked examples.


TopicLinkResource Type
Equivalent ratios Khan Academy - Equivalent RatiosEquivalent ratios; introductions, review and practice. Video, text, quizzes, worked examples, practice questions.
FractionsRMIT - FractionsHow to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions as well as how to convert between decimals and fractions. Video series, worked examples
Genetics probabilityYouTube - Shomu's Biology - How to solve genetics probability problemsShomu's Biology presents a probability video for genetics. Video.
Introduction to ratiosKhan Academy - Ratio Example ProblemsIntroduction to the basics of ratios with practice questions. Video, examples, practice questions.
Mendelian Genetics and probabilityKhan Academy - Probabilities in GeneticsKhan Academy's series on Introduction to heredity. Includes Mendelian genetics and probability, Punnett squares and probability basics. Video, text, quizzes, worked examples, practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Energy transfer Khan Academy - Electric Charge, Electric Force and VoltageElectrical concepts explained through a series of videos. Video series.
PhysicsThe Physics Classroom - TopicsHome page for access to Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Vectors and more. Text, examples, practice questions.

Maths is Fun - PhysicsPhysics springboard with links to Units, Motion, Force and more. Text, examples, practice questions.
Rearranging and solving physics equationsYouTube - QMCPhysics - Physics Skills - Rearranging EquationsRearranging force, wave speed, energy, speed and power equations. Video.
Rearranging velocity equationsYouTube - Brian Corbett - Science 10 physics: rearrange basic formulasRearranging speed, velocity and acceleration equations. Video.


TopicLinkResource Type
Lab report writing skills Deakin University - Reading and Writing For ScienceLab report writing explained with interactive interface. Text, interactive interface, questions.
PressureKhan Academy - PressurePressure due to gravity, fluid pressure and pressure at atmospheric level. Text, formulas, examples.
Scaling in microscopyRice University - Measurement with the Light MicroscopeMeasuring and scaling objects seen under the microscope. Text, example questions.
Surface to volume - Surface Area to Volume RatioSurface to volume ratio online crash course. Video, example questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Balancing Chemical EquationsChemistry LibreTexts - How to Write Balanced Chemical EquationsWritten explanation and examples.

WikiHow - Balance Chemical EquationsWritten explanation and worked examples.
Formula mass and mole calculationsBBC ByteSize - RevisionWritten explanation and worked examples.
Logarithms YouTube - Khan Academy - LogarithmsMario claims that this is everything you need to know about logs! Video

Live Science - LogarithmsWritten explanation and worked examples.
Mole calculationsYouTube - Ketzbook - Mole Conversions Made Easy: How to Convert Between Grams and MolesMole conversions: convert between grams and moles. Video.
Scientific notationUniversity of Adelaide - Scientific Notation Rounding RevisionUniversity of Adelaide's Maths Learning Centre: Scientific notation and rounding. Text, practice questions.
Significant figuresKhan Academy - Significant FiguresSal Khan will step you through the how to of significant figures in a series of videos with a practice worksheet. Text, practice questions.


TopicLinkResource Type
Approximation roundingBBC ByteSize - RevisionWritten explanation and sample questions.
Chemistry fundamentals University of North Carolina - Chemistry FundamentalsChemistry fundamentals including nomenclature, stoichiometry, gas laws and thermodynamics. Text, practice questions.
Henderson-Hasselbach equationChem Team - Introduction to the Henderson-Hasselbalch EquationHenderson-Hasselbach equation (equilibrium and buffers) alternate explanation with link to practice questions. Text, practice questions with answers and explanations.
Introduction to using a Scientific calculatorUniversity of Wollongong - Using a Scientific CalculatorA handy resource on how to use your Scientific calculator. Text and practice.
LogarithmsMath Centre - LogarithmsLogarithms: the why, what and how.  Text, practice questions.
Oxidation number and redox reactionsKhan Academy - Oxidation NumberKhan Academy's videos and worksheets on oxidation number and redox reactions. Videos, text.
Specific heatBrightStorm - Specific HeatVideo explanation.
ThermodynamicsKhan Academy - ThermodynamicsHas great sections on entropy, enthalpy, Gibbs free energy, specific heat capacity equations and more. Video series, practice questions.
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