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Get an understanding of the Department of Management’s previous seminars, guest speakers and topics. We have a range of speakers who regularly visit Deakin to share insights and encourage debate on topics of particular interest to the department’s students.

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Past seminars

Seminar Presenter Topic

18 Jun 2018

Maria Klona

Drivers and Barriers of CSR strategies in the Australian Manufacturing Sector: A qualitative study

4 Jun 2018

Huong Le

How does the mental process of building cultural capabilities contribute to employees’ wellbeing?

31 May 2018

Jon Billsberry

Critical Reflections on the ASP (Sabbatical) Experience

28 May 2018

Rajat Panwar

Legislated corporate social responsibility: Stock market reaction to a CSR regulation

25 May 2018

Sophie Hennekam

Workplace demotion: exploring an under-studied concept of HRM

21 May 2018

Roula Masou

To what extent are universities responsible for the flexibility of non-permanent teachers? the French case

15 May 2018

Boris Radickovic

Absorptive Capacity as an enabler of Innovation Performance

14 May 2018

Shobhana Madhavan

Liabilities of Origin and Emerging Economy SME Internationalization

3 May 2018

Daniel Pelchen

Understanding the link between HR & football

23 Apr 2018

Associate Professor Ambika Zutshi

Using photolanguage to enhance student engagement

29 Mar 2018

Associate Professor Sapna Narula

CSR and Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case study of Bharat Coking Coal Ltd.

19 Mar 2018

Prof Russell Johnson

My haphazard advice for conducting studies that use experience sampling methodology (ESM)

13 Feb 2018

A/Prof Tejpavan Gandhok

Main (and Interaction) Effects of Popular Thinking Tools Stimuli and Cognitive Versatility on Strategic Option Generation

8 Feb 2018

Prof Yvonne Lagrosen

Quality management with its different levels of profundity and some basics about integrated brain functioning

5 Feb 2018

Dr Elaine Farndale

Strategic HRM and Performance: Why worry about the context?

1 Feb 2018

Prof Stefan Lagrosen

Service quality in the public sector

29 Jan 2018

Prof Tyrone Pitsis

California Management Review Paper Development Workshop

19 Jan 2018

Prof Jason Shaw

Paper Writing Workshop

16 Jan 2018

Prof Jason Shaw

Paper Writing Workshop

16 Oct 2017HDR Student Boris RadickovicOpen Innovation and Firm Performance
7 Aug 2017Dr Jane MenziesAustralian SME internationalisation to China: The role of innovation in creating competitive advantage or disadvantage.
5 Jun 2017HDR Student Thomas GaarenstroomIdentifying and populating segments of consumers: a case of mixed martial arts
15 May 2017Professor Wayne Lewchuk, McMaster University, CanadaPrecarious Employment, Households and Communities
12 May 2017Visiting PhD Student Wouter VleugelsPerson-Environment Fit as Cause and Consequence: A Cross-Lagged Test of the Bidirectional Relationship between Perceived Fit and Work Performance
1 May 2017Mr Michael CallaghanCodes of Ethics Artifacts in Australia, Canada and Sweden: A longitudinal study
3 Apr 2017HDR Student Ruby MaHow do emotions influence cross-cultural negotiation between Australian and Chinese Managers
24 Feb 2017Professor Russell JohnsonTaking an Actor-centric Perspective: Consequences of Leadership Behaviors for the People Who Perform Them
6 Feb 2017Professor Alex NewmanWorkshop Series on Writing Review Papers - 5th Workshop of 5
10 Oct 2016Dr Connie ZhengInternational knowledge transfer from Kodak to ITRI: A strategic alliance learning perspective
15 Aug 2016 Dr Sheila Nguyen Greens and Greening: The environmental sustainability in sport agenda
8 Aug 2016 Dr Banjo Roxas Entrepreneurial resilience of firms and sustainable performance amid institutional voids: The role of intellectual capital
25 Jul 2016 Professor Pete Turnbull (Bristol University, UK) Ricardo Flies Ryanair: Employment Relations, Economic Rents and Exploitation in the Single European Aviation Market
6 Jun 2016 Professor Alex Newman Workshop on writing review papers. Third workshop of five.
9 May 2016 PhD student Tommy Gaarenstroom

PhD student James Dalgleish
Identifying and populating segments of consumers: A case study of mixed martial arts in Australia 

Managing disruptive dynamics in IS development
18 Apr 2016 Professor Alex Newman Workshop on writing review papers. Second workshop of five.
14 Mar 2016 Professor Alex Newman Workshop on writing review papers. First workshop of five.
29 Feb 2016 Professor Alex Newman The influence of psychological entitlement on employee work outcomes 
8 Feb 2016 Professor Jang Singh Determinants of the effectiveness of corporate codes of ethics 
14 Dec 2015 Associate Professor Hilary Glow
Dr Paul Turner 
Dr Elsa Turner
Research and ASL: 3 presenters, variety of research topics 
25 Sep 2015 Dr Adam Karg Sport management: customer equity in sport 
13 Aug 2015 Professor Jan Dul Organisational research methods: necessary conditions analysis 
27 Jul 2015 Dr Jennifer J Griffin CSR and employee relations – strategically-driven or following the pack