Internship Process

How to prepare, secure, and register your internship

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Internships are short-term learning experiences completed for credit towards your degree. Internships allow you to put your academic learnings into practice under the guidance and mentorship of a professional within your field and can be completed on-site, remotely, or in a blended capacity.

Depending on the WIL unit, you are generally required to complete between 100-120 internship hours which can be either unpaid or paid by the host organisation. To explore the WIL units available to you, see our WIL Unit Finder.

Type of Internships

We have a range of opportunities that you can use towards a WIL unit including, independent, team-based, and international internship opportunities.

  • Self-sourced Internships (organise your own Internship) - set up an internship with an organisation of your choosing by contacting them directly or leveraging a connection in your network (we have some great tips about this in our Pre Internship Program – see Step 1 below).
  • Advertised Internships - while many students organise their own internships, you may want to apply for an internship that has been advertised on a jobs board or company website. We recommend the DeakinTALENT Jobs and Internships Board where we advertise opportunities that have been pre-approved for Deakin students (please check regularly).
  • Team-based Internship - a great opportunity if you wish to intern within a team environment which may be specific to your study area or cross-disciplinary (under the guidance of an experienced industry mentor or project manager). Opportunities (such as the FreelancingHUB) are advertised via the Jobs and Internships Board throughout the year with recruitment taking place weeks or months prior to their official start dates. Team-based Internships can also take place overseas, refer to the International Opportunities details below for information on this option.
  • International Opportunities - while you can source your own global internship, Deakin also organises experiences often through partnerships with third-party providers. You can work directly with these providers to secure an internship tailored to your discipline and areas of interest, in an international setting. We suggest checking the Deakin Abroad Portal to find Deakin-approved experiences, remember; recruitment takes place weeks or months prior to their official start dates.

Internship Steps

If you’ve already secured an internship, you only need to complete Steps 1 and 3 to register it with our team. All other students should work through Steps 1, 2 and 3 below.

Step 1 - Prepare

Do you have space for a WIL unit?

All WIL units count towards academic credit in your degree, so please speak to a Student Adviser at Student Central to see how a WIL unit fits in your course. A student adviser will help you create a new course map that will show if your internship can count towards a core unit or an elective.

Complete the Pre-Internship Program

This is a short, compulsory training program completed in Cloud Deakin to prepare you for your internship experience (and future job searches), including:

  • finding the right internship for your career journey
  • identifying a suitable host organisation and applying for opportunities
  • creating and strengthening your application
  • commencing an internship, including workplace etiquette and culture

You will need to complete the Pre-Internship Program before you can register your internship with the ArtsEd WIL Team, we suggest completing this at least a trimester before you plan to do an internship.

Login to Cloud Deakin, navigate to the top menu icon (that looks like 9 squares), and select the 'ArtsEd Pre Internship Program' from the drop-down list.
- Help sheet; Completing and finding the Pre-Internship Program.

Step 2 - Secure

Application action plan

With the content covered in the Pre-Internship Program and the preparation you have done in Step 1;
it is time to put your plan into action.

Starting early is key, we recommend using a range of search methods and resources at your disposal when working to secure an opportunity. Refer to the Pre-Internship Program at any time for resources to help you secure an internship – either self-sourcing or applying for advertised opportunities.

Intern Alert

Sign up for the Intern Alert so we can quickly identify you are seeking WIL opportunities and what your preferences are. This allows us to connect you to suitable positions, programs, and events.  

Signing up with our Intern Alert allows you access to exclusive internship positions, updates on newly released local and international programs, and professional development opportunities.

After accessing these resources, if you’re having difficulty identifying a suitable opportunity please contact our team.

Internship agreement

Once you have secured an internship, we suggest having a discussion with your supervisor to finalise the terms of your opportunity before you begin – for example start date, supervision arrangements, goals, and tasks.

You’ll need these details in Step 3, but it also formalises the arrangement and ensures that you start with a clear idea about the expectations of the internship.

Step 3 - Register

Registration process

You must register your internship with the ArtsEd WIL team at least 2 weeks before you are due to begin your internship and before the trimesterly internship registration deadline listed below (otherwise you will be asked to push back your start date).

  1. Download and complete the entire Internship Registration Form. You must complete the pink pages and your host organisation must complete and sign the blue pages.
  2. Login to InPlace and upload your Internship Registration Form via the 'Arts Internships' link.
    -  Help sheet; Submitting your Arts Internship Registration form via InPlace.
  3. Once your internship has been assessed, we will advise you via your Deakin email if it has been approved for credit towards your course ('Internship Confirmation') and provide instructions to enrol into your WIL unit.
Important notes

Incomplete forms cannot be approved, and all unapproved placements will be ineligible for insurance coverage and academic credit.

It is important you do not commence or attend any on-site activities for your internship until you have completed the above requirements and received the Internship Confirmation email.

If your placement is occurring outside of Australia, the ArtsEd WIL team will assist in ensuring you meet Deakin University's risk management requirements.

Internship Registration Deadlines

The deadlines outline the final date you can submit your Internship Registration Form via InPlace (see Step 3). As outlined above, securing an Internship must take place well before this stage of the process.

  • Trimester 1 2023: Last day to submit a registration form is Sunday 12 March 2023.
  • Trimester 2 2023: Last day to submit a registration form is Sunday 16 July 2023.
  • Trimester 3 2023: Last day to submit a registration form is Sunday 12 November 2023.

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