Undertake a volunteering experience for credit and be introduced to new people, places, and skills that will kickstart your career. Engage with unique communities, expand your understanding of different cultures, and get involved with worthwhile projects - while developing your skills and advancing your career.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is more than spending your time to help others. A volunteering experience can help you develop new skills, knowledge and networks - all while participating in service activities that benefit communities or a cause. It can be hard to secure a job or internship without any experience under your belt - volunteering is a fantastic way to demonstrate key competencies that employers look for the graduate job market. Volunteering experience can also give you direction in your career, as you learn more about a cause that you are interested in, and the different people, organisations, and initiatives that are involved.

Benefits of Volunteering

Some of the benefits of volunteering can include, but not limited to:

  • Enhanced sense of purpose
  • Expand your network
  • Connection to a community
  • Build your resume credentials
  • Developing soft skills employers look for in employees, including:
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Collaborative teamwork experience
    • Leadership
    • Adapability
    • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Exercising resilience and adaptability to change
  • Form new personal and professional connections.

Types of Volunteering Opportunities

You have the opportunity to plan a volunteering experience domestically, or internationally:

Domestic volunteering programs
There are a large number of organisations in Australia that provide volunteering experiences. Do your research and don’t limit yourself. Try to secure a volunteering opportunity that is related to your study area. For example, if you have writing skills as a Communications student, let them know so they place you in a volunteer position that will best utilise your skills, while providing you with the opportunity to hone your craft.

Overseas volunteering programs
Deakin have a number of pre-approved overseas volunteering programs available for to apply for.. These opportunities could see you building a house in Peru, or saving the sea turtles in Costa Ricca alongside students from universities around the world. You can learn more about these programs at the Deakin Abroad Volunteering website page here

Credit information and process

Volunteer experiences can count towards the following two units.

You will not be able to enroll in your volunteering unit until you have registered your WIL experience and gained approval from the ArtsEd WIL team. To register, you must complete a Volunteering Registration Form and submit this to the WIL team at least 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Although volunteering experiences are a little different to internship experiences, you may also find the tips on our Internship Registration Process page a great guide that can help you to prepare, secure and register your volunteering experience. If you have any questions regarding our WIL registration process, or have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact the WIL team.

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